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Thread: Dogs on a Plane

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    Quote Originally Posted by hippo View Post
    Yep, exactly. Your dogs need to be treated with a drug called Praziquantel. Sentinel Spectrum contains it. Or like DA said, go to your vet
    That's the drug. Good on you, Hippo. Thanks! I always spell it incorrectly.

    Also OP, I would suggest that you keep a photocopy of the original vet letter in your handbag with you on the plane. Have known of a few occasions where the paperwork attached to the top of the crate got 'lost' in transit, and without the written proof, dog was flown back to origin. Nightmare, to say the least, for the ppl trying to collect their dog!
    Better to be safe than sorry IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil's Advocate View Post
    OP, you need to check if Rex allow pets. Not used Rex for that before, so not sure. They certainly are a load cheaper than Qantas though, as you said.

    Jet star can't do as Shar Pei said.

    Your dogs would be able to travel down as accompanied luggage in the freight section, and the price is actually quite cheap, so long as the crate you use meets all standards and requirments etc...

    One other thing you MUST take into consideration is that we do NOT have the hydatid tapeworm here in Tassie, therefore you must supply proof that your dog/s have been dosed with the correct drug (and only one is allowable) anything up to 14 days before the flight arrives on Tassie soil. This can be done by your vet who will supply an official letter for proof, or it can also be done by youself, and accompanied with your own written affidavid and the empty drug packet attached as proof.
    That is something you will need to look into.
    Rex takes pets and they also mention the hydatid tapeworm on their website! Our vet is a block away from our place, so I'll pop in one day and have a chat to them!

    Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm sure I'll be back with lots of questions about crate training! lol

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