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Thread: Animals Regulation of Sale Bill or Pet Shop Bill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shar Pei Rescue Victoria View Post
    IMO, the owner is the one who should be registered, and not the dog. Any owner should be made accountable for the pets they have in their homes. Yes education would make so much sense.
    I agree totally with this idea. As I put in a previous thread which was probably overlooked as things got 'out of hand' in there. I think a really simple idea that would help with impulse purchases is to get owners to have to register BEFORE they are allowed to buy a dog. You could also make registration involve some sort of test, maybe, like getting a driving license. Education and making it much more time consuming and difficult to buy a dog would, hopefully, see alot of people just not bothering and the ones who really want a dog will be the ones who look after them for life. I can dream right?
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    Yea, I too think owners should be registered, in a perfect world.

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