Do you own a dog?

My name is Tammie King and I am conducting a research project with Dr Pauleen Bennett and Dr Linda Marston, towards a PhD at Monash University.
The purpose of this study is to evaluate a behavioural assessment protocol which aims to measure amicability of adult companion dogs. The information obtained will be used to assess the reliability and validity of the assessment.

I am seeking people over the age of 18 who own a dog who is 18 months of age or older and who have lived with their dog for at least 12 months or who own puppies aged 6-8 months. The study involves accompanying your dog through a short dog behaviour assessment which will take about 10 minutes. You will also be asked to complete four questionnaires which will take about 25-30 min to complete.

Participation in this study is entirely voluntary. The behavioural assessment requires no input from the dog owner while the survey asks questions about the behavioural characteristics and personality of your dog as well as the relationship you have with your dog in addition to a few general questions about yourself.

The development of an accurate dog behavioural assessment that measures these characteristics will assist in identifying pet dogs suitable for living in Australian society. This, along with educating the public about dog behaviour and training, has the potential to improve owner-dog relationships.

If you and your dog are would like to be part of this exciting study please contact me. Assessments will be conducted at Homestead Boarding Kennels, Wonga Park, Victoria, every weekend for the next few months.

Kind regards and happy new year!

Tammie King.


Anthrozoology Research Group
Monash University.