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    Just wanted to ask a question, our puppy Tedd likes to play with our older dog Rex. Tedd is the one who starts it by jumping up at Rex and nipping around his mouth etc. Sometimes Rex wants to play and sometimes not. But when they do Rex chases Tedd around and tries to get on his back but Tedd just rolls around. Is this normal? Rex doesn't bite or growl, they are both wagging their tails and when Rex stops, Tedd annoys him again to play. I get worried cuz Rex is a bit bigger than Tedd and that he might hurt him. But is this play okay or not?

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    In my opinion, it's OK for dogs to play rough - but only when BOTH dogs are happy playing rough. When one dog is jumping all over the other and nibbling it in the mouth or face, the other dog might get annoyed. It's important for the dog to have the 'social skills' to realize that this ISN'T ok unless the other dog is encouraging the behavior and reciprocating. Oftentimes this just comes with experience - dogs learn from other dogs, and the more your pup plays with other dogs the more he'll learn what is acceptable and what isn't. Don't let your pup abuse your other dog if the other dog obviously doesn't like it. It took Keeda a few times of being "put in her place" by other dogs to kind of "get" that jumping all over and nibbling at every dog is not OK.

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