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Thread: Cool Iq Test for Ya Dogs.

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    oh whoops sorry forgot that bit - 19

    ETA - about 15 mins have passed with the tin sitting there still unturned, and I thought I could hear her finally knocking it over so I jumped up and excitedly ran to the lounge room, knocking my drink over in the process, yelling to OH 'she's doing it she's doing it' only to find OH knocking the tin over with Mulli watching and him looking frustrated saying 'no she's not' lmao
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    Tin can test...
    I won't use a tin can to test Frosty with food, because I use tin cans to stop her from counter surfing. Hmm. But she can remove food from a kong or a plastic cream pot inside 2 seconds.

    Towel Test. - fail
    Frosty will put herself under a towel for fun. She's hardly going to wriggle out of it.

    Big smile test.
    um. two results for this. Frosty does play bow and runs away at speed. Or she jumps on top of me. Friendly like.

    Food under towel.
    Sometimes Frosty will go under the towel or cushion to get the treat. Sometimes she just bites a hole through the top to get the treat. 5 points?

    Food under barrier test
    Frosty does this for fun. She puts the treat ball under the sofa and then pulls it out and then puts it back and then pulls it out, and then puts it back, and then does the coolest growl-howl, which usually gets me on the floor to look and then she jumps on top of me - ie she's got me well trained.

    Refrigerator test - definite fail.
    While it is very clear Frosty knows the difference between "Frosty" the heeler and "Sally" or "Lucy" the beagles, she isn't trained to come when I say / call her name but only to pay attention. And then she really only comes at full speed if she sees me running (to hide behind a tree). The beagles come whether I call them or not - unless they're somewhere that's not fenced and then it's a one way trip in whatever direction smells most interesting no matter what I say, yell, call.

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    woooo (sorry just found this thread) gyps got 29 the only one she scored 4 on was the first one im so proud =)

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