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Thread: Does Your Dog Sleep Through the Night?

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    I dont really know, I'm not staying up all night to see if my dog gets up for a pee.

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    All three of ours sleep right through. Jack sometimes gets up for his nightly "patrol" checks everything out and then comes back to bed, but they don't wake us to go out for a wee. From the first night Jack came home as a baby, we never (honestly) had an accident with him, he'd cry if he needed out, and we'd take him and then he'd go right back to sleep. Mia was the same, although we had a few accidents with her toilet training. I think Molly must have already been trained...
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    Keeda sleeps through the night most of the time, but sometimes we hear her doggie door flapping when she walks out to go to her personal backyard toilet :P

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