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Thread: American Bulldog Papers

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    I have no idea how I could help mate , heres a link to a post , has an email,

    Theres a heap of contacts I put in the breed sub forum aswell.

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    Default another option. NABRA

    Hi. I had the same trouble with mat. there is another registry. f mat is all i can say. you can contact Kelly at NABRA @ she helped me out with papers for both my dogs after i was at my wits end trying to get any sense out of matt furlong. hope this helps!

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    I had trouble for awhile but did get my papers. If the breeder you got your pups from are well known by him just mention that name & let him know they told you he's a busy man but time is ticking & you have only a year to register. He knows that it gets even more complicated & he then has to answer to an organization in America. Unfortunately he told me their name.

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    all i can say is that he knew my breeder, i mentioned the kennel name and he knew her full name and whereabouts off the top of his head. Also i was in contact before my dog turned 1, but alas, he aged during the 6 months or so that matt was too 'busy' with his life to print off a paper so i thought it might be difficult to get registered. he continued to say that he could do it. Sussed out NABRA and there was absolutely no difficulties. all you need is for your dog to be microchipped and dna profiled. (where you should also test for neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis). simple.

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    Hi I live not far away from u, and we have the dog catcher on door about my American bulldogs
    To get registered, we finally got the papers from the guy we brought him off but now we need to be in a club or we have to get the dogs fixed up before we can register them how have you done it as u would be in the same shire.

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    Hi everyone, I have heard this problem time and time again with friends of mine and other breeders trying to register their American bulldogs with the ABRD. I understand how frustrating it must be when your not getting what you have already paid for or just a stratight answer. The biggest problem with this registry (ABRD) is many people have falsely papered their american bulldogs through this registry. I have been going through it myself for the last 6 months with the (ARF) aka: Animal Research Foundation. We have found that the dogs being registred through (ABRD) may be pure breed american bulldogs, but may not be true to the pedigree given.In future reference only buy an american bulldog with ARF papers and this will stop the falsifying of american bulldog pedigrees and stop Matt Furlong from doing what he is doing.
    You can also contact the ARF to change your ABRD papers to ARF papers. They will do the research on your pedigree to prove it is correct and provide you with a true family history of your American Bulldog. If anyone can provide any information on an American Bulldogs I am doing research on named *Hidden Valleys One*, *Kish's Ben* &*GRK's Miss Chicargo Blue* I am seeking the breeders names or contact details if possible?? I only hope my information has helped others & is taken seriously because if we dont get it right, the American Bulldog will never be recognised by the Canine Control Council.

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    Hi seeta i don't know if you will get this now as your post was back in 09,but i would not rely on Matt Furlong for papers.He is definately not some one you can rely on. I don't live far from him and i can honestly say i have had trouble with him trying to get papers for my puppies. I was in contact with a certain person i won't name anybody and they have recently informed me of a new register being opened in Australia. As soon as i know more details i will let you know if you get this write me back so i can keep you informed.

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    Hi kissy,
    it is so true as to everything you are saying and Matt Furlong needs to be stopped definately. Our bulldogs are currently registered through ABRD and i am in search of being able to register them with someone else.
    After doing a bit of research i came in contact with someone who has informed me that there is a new registry opening in Australia.
    Fingers crossed they treat us all well and our beloved companions will not be ran into the ground as it seems like they slowly are with people like Matt Furlong running a registry.

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    Well im the newest one to the list after recently purchasing my first AB. after endless calls with no response he finally called me late last night to email him straight away with my pups details to transfer ownership and i asked what details i needed to email him no response.... Surely there is someone alse who can also do this registery? Im very sure there are some capable people in this country who would be willing to help and speed up the process especially when were paying for papers to be produced for litters etc. Im not sure if im happy to pay for something that will take months to come back..... and im also looking for other Breeders in QLD, NSW also if there are shows or meet and greet?

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    Didnt you get the puppy papers from the breeder when you got the dog?

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