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Thread: De-barking Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne View Post
    By the same token though, you (not you as in you, but people) can get off their butts and ensure their dogs are protected when in season can't they? Isn't desexing taking the lazy or convenient way out if you want to look at it that way? You could also argue that a person who can not successfully manage a bitch in season is incompetent too then.

    Occy - would you rescue a dog with this issue?
    I definitely see your point and I would definitely rather have all dog owners be able to handle their dogs without having to desex. However, I know that even if I was as responsible as I possibly could with my dog, had she not been desexed when some idiot owner allowed their intact male dog into our backyard for the purpose of having him mount her, I'd probably have three handfuls of puppies by now. If -everyone- agreed to be responsible, this would work. I'd sure like to see that happen, but until it does the reason for desexing exists. There is no reason for debarking other than your own convenience (oh and by 'you' I'm not talking about you directly, just people in general). We aren't saving any lives by debarking, we're just refusing to train our dogs, exercise them properly (which likely contributes to a lot of this agitated barking as well), or in the worst case scenario if we can't handle it - rehome the dog.

    (P.S.: Sorry about the double post above!)
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    I personally think that de-barking is cruel....I don't know a lot about it tho!

    My old boy Tyson barks A LOT, I do this best I can to stop it but most things DONT WORK! (trust me I have tried plenty of methods!) however I would never get him debarked! I would much prefer to continue finding a method that works for us

    Just my personal opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne View Post

    I just don't comprehend the cruelty view yet.
    That's my problem as well.

    People condone the use of citronella collars and electric shock collars and that awful device that emits a piercing noise every time a dog barks and yet they condemn a simple surgical procedure as cruel.

    Personally I would never have one of my own dogs debarked but I can understand why some people might be forced to consider it.

    Here in Cairns a dog is legally considered a problem barker if it barks for more than three minutes during the day or one minute at night. That's not even enough time for the burgler to load your goodies and make his/her getaway. Debarking is not an option in Qld but they sell a lot of those nasty collars up here.

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