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Thread: Basenji -Anyone Own One?

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    Default Basenji -Anyone Own One?

    G'day, just researching some breeds and came across this little gem.

    I just wanted to know a little more about them from the horses mouth if

    Is it loyal? From what I've read they seem to be an intelligent dog..?


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    Sorry, can't help. I don't think I have even met one personally. Lovely looking dogs though. Is that the breed that doesn't bark??
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    No we don't have any Basenji owners here.
    And I haven't met one either.
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    they kinda look like a dingo huh!

    beautiful looking.....dont know anything about them tho

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    The animal refuge I used to work for helped out with Basenji rescue so I've met quite a few.

    Personally I like them but they are not for the faint hearted.

    They are very independant, almost cat-like sometimes. If you are into obedience training and like dogs like GSD's and Border Collie forget about the Basenji. If you have had experience with Sighthounds and like their temperament then you might be able to cope with one.

    They don't bark but they are not a silent dog. The noise they make is described as a yodel but I think it sounds more like some sort of undiscovered wild animal - it's a weird, almost creepy sort of sound.

    Working with rescues I naturally met a lot of problem Basenjis and there were a few with very uncertain temperaments. I don't think I would have one around young children unless the dog's parents were really stable.

    Basenjis can be great escape artists. I've seen one hanging upside down like a monkey from the wire roof of his kennel run trying to find a way out. He made it too. Seconds later he was walking along the roof of the kennel. This kennel had held everything from Chihuahuas to Irish Wolfhounds but it wasn't Basenji proof. The gap the dog squeezed through was about rat sized. I couldn't believe it.

    Basenjis are very clean dogs and wash themselves like cats. They can be very loyal but you have to earn their loyalty. They are not a "yes sir, no sir, can I lick your feet sir" type of dog.

    If you really want a Basenji you should do a lot of research first. Contact the breed club, talk to breeders and meet as many dogs as you can before you make a decision.

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    i used to groom one and he was gorgeous, lived with a family with children and they didnt have a problem with him, but all dogs are different no matter what the breed

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