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Thread: Well Would You Look at This :) Now Leave the Pit Bulls Alone!

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    The pit bull statistic isn't that great. Ie if you have 100 pitbulls walk past you, there are 15 that are going to try to eat you? Though the temperment test isn't clear if they fail because they try to attack or fail because they try to run away.

    And if a pit bull tries to eat you, it's going to do a lot more damage than a cairn terrier (which also has a crappy pass statistic).

    However the pit bull statistic isn't significantly different to the labrador statistic at 90% ie if 100 labs walk past you, about 10 will try to eat you - which is about right, based on my face to face experience with Labradors.

    So my point would be possibly the same as Aussiemyf in that dogs should be assessed on their individual merits not their breed. But it might be a sensible requirement that a stronger bigger breed be required to pass at a higher standard than a smaller breed that is less able to do damage if it attacks.

    And I agree with the UK approach - that some *people* should be banned from owning dogs full stop. If this person owns a dog that gets out and attacks people, this person should be banned from owning a dog, looking after a dog or sharing a house with one.

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    It's very interesting Myf, thanks for posting the link.

    I always worry though about blanket tests for different breeds of dogs who are supposed to have different personailities and reactions to stimuli. Humans have bred dogs to heighten some of these traits and now we are dismissing them as unsatisfactory?

    If you have a look at the Afghan and Saluki results they are pretty poor. But if you look at the test mechanisms they really aren't suited to these sort of breeds - which are bred for independence, not obedience. These guys are supposed to be aloof with strangers, and avoid unecessary physical contact - so the test result is out straight away, without even looking at the other sections!

    I also wondered about the uneven ground tests...? Surely these are more difficult in a purely physical sense for some dogs, which would make it harder for them to comply. Consider a really heavy dog, it may be quite uncomfortable for it to walk on unfolded pens - I can't imagine any of mine would be very happy about it!

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    Stats don't mean anything, especially where the Media and RSPCA are concerned.

    Just goes to show what we've known about our wonderful breeds all the time.
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    Default hi

    the dogog argentino got 100%?holy crap thats even friednlier than the pitbull

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    the dogog argentino got 100%?holy crap thats even friednlier than the pitbull

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    Complete B/S!!!! what about REAL WORLD experience!!! Oh, sorry, that does not mean anything does it!!!

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