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Thread: Need Advice Please Guys!

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    I hope your weeding works GG.

    One of mine was stung by a European wasp last year - on her face. She came up in huge welts and swellings around her head and neck. Over the next few weeks, whenever she got hot they would come up again, but anywhere on her head, body and legs. Nasty. We had to take her everywhere with us to keep an eye on her in case she swelled around her throat and had trouble breathing. Cool wet towels and ice packs helped.

    Our vet didn't want to medicate her unless really desperate to help her body develop resistance to the toxin naturally. But I certainly hope she never finds another one!

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    Thanks for your thoughts guys. Jack seems to be ok. We seem to have gotten rid of all the WD, Brett dug it up and then burnt it.

    The vet put him on a course of cortosone (half a tablet twice a day for a week, the lessening) but the last two nights he has been on it, he has urinated inside. He has NEVER done this before, not even when he was a baby, he never had even one accident inside.

    When I called them today they told me to reduce the dose, so he'll be on half a tablet a day.... we'll see what happens.
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    Hi Goodiesgirl,

    The cortisone (believe it or not) can relax the bladder to a huge degree. Happens with some humans taking it as well.)

    Reducing the dose may help, so as soon as he seems to have recovered enough, I'd reduce the dose again even more.

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