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Thread: Doggy Day Care

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    what is 2 x 1?

    And how big is a "large play area"

    And I like that they separate dogs by size, less chance of damage, though Frosty plays nice with dogs of all sizes and ages. I do think that dogs need to understand they need to treat different dogs, differently.

    It does seem well organised. I'd still want to watch for a while or a day to see what happens. I wonder if they can fit web cams?

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    2 metres x1 metre enclosed run sorry should of clearly explained that!

    as for how big the play areas are.. umm im hopeless on assessing size in comparison, but i'd say the whole backyard (without the segregation would be about 1/2 the size of a footy oval), the bigger dogs have a bigger area to play then the smaller dogs and puppies but it's still pretty even given their size..

    next time i'm there i'll ask for specifics

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    I think the idea in principle is ok, but don't forget that socialising with people is just as, if not more important than with a random group of dogs. I worry that many of these places lack structure in the dog's interaction, and bullying etc can cause more problems.

    You may find that a morning and evening walk including stopping and chatting to pasers by and going through places like noisy kids' playgrounds might work just as well - if not better! Plus it is cheaper...

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    Yeah, I took Paw-Sha to Doggy Day care when she was a pup! it was awsome. She had so much fun, and learned to Socialize with other dogs in the process. She came home exusted and just slept for hours afterward.
    However now that she bigger we can no longer take her, as she is not de-sexed yet....she is booked in for the end of December. Can't wait to be able to go back there again! She loved it, we loved it, all round great idea. There were lots of activities and ramps, rope hanging from the roof to jump up at, lots of rooms to go and have a nap, or just be separated from the main group, the carers there were fantastic, they took the dogs a walk, fed if requested. Anything you want. They even did a eveluation of your dog. and if we requested they would be happy to train the dog whilst there as well.
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