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Thread: Mums Dog Very Sick-help Needed Please

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    Default Mums Dog Very Sick-help Needed Please

    hiya im a first time poster - my 83 y.o mum has a cute maltease cross , it is about 4 years old but over the last 8-9 months ami has lost so much weight [ shes now 3.5 kgs !! ] she has lost so much of her hair and has been scratching all the time . mum takes her to the vet but as shes on a pension and truthfully the vets just give her pills [ costly ] and no prognosis , i get frustrated and want to help her . ami was so full of life and i think shes close to dying , she i think is depressed as she must realise shes not the cute little dog anymore . also her ears have started to how do i put it crimp up and are hard , her heart beat appears erratic and yeah shes not long in this world . mum lives in victor harbor [sa] and ive always been one to identify a problem and then act upon it , but the vets just dont appear to be too much help . she has just been given little green pills i believe are steroids [ prednil ] the vets did do a blood test last week that showed nothing !!! i hope someone can help as we are at our wits end . thanks alot . john

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    I suggest getting a second opinion from a different vet.

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    Yep. I'd suggest you take the dog to a second vet too. If they seem to be giving your mum the brush off, maybe go with her?
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    I agree with the others, take your mum's dog to another vet, poor girl i hope shes in much better health soon

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    Hi John,

    Look, unfortunately I don't agree with all the other opinions to immediately try another vet.
    Have you been with your mother on the occasions she has taken Ami to see the vet?

    You do state she is 84, and although my mother has all her faculties, when she goes to the Dr she can't relate the facts to me whatsoever. She has no idea, and I truly believe she'll just say whatever comes to mind, and can only remember a portion of what is said to her anyway.

    You think she is depressed because she realises she's not the 'cute little dog anymore'?
    Um...bit lost there, sorry John. She's...what...looking in the mirror???

    Her ears are hard and crimped, her heartbeat is erratic. Have you listened to her heartbeat with a stethascope, and do you know what you are listening for?

    Look, sounds like this dog is in need of medical attention, I concede that without a doubt! Can you go to visit the vet she has been seeing, or talk to him/her over the telephone to discuss your Mum's dog?

    I'm sorry, but these are things that stand out for me, and if you could elaborate a bit further on what's been happening (re vets etc) that would certainly help. Cheers.

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    the thing with mum is she is so loyal [ be that the vet /family etc..] she has got more eh , willful in recent times . trying to get mum to even try another vet is such hard work , ive done so much myself but she has told me she doesnt want my help . i feel for the dog , i do think shes depressed . i live in adelaide and it hard to get down there during the working hours so i can only ask her to try another avenue . hey this is a dog forum .... the vets should have done a skin test and blood test ages ago . i asked my brother to take the dog on his own to another vet and i will pay , ill have to see how that goes . but i do thank everyone for their advice .

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    My guess is that it is possibly thyroid related??

    Although it could be absolutely anything and I am not a Vet.

    These are the symtpoms of thyroid issues. Most dogs will only suffer a few of theses symptoms. Does this sound like the symptoms (except for the weight gain bit);


    Canine hypothyroidism typically begins around puberty and its incidence increases with aging. Similar to humans with hypothyroidism, canines tend to develop a cluster of predominant symptoms that can change over time rather than developing all associated symptoms. Symptoms of hypothyroidism in canines can mimic other diseases such as degenerative myelopathy, a condition that causes hind leg lameness. Other symptoms include weight gain, skin dryness, pus-filled lesions on the skin, infertility, irregular estrous cycles, bradycardia (slow heart rate), resorption of fetuses after being bred, neurological problems, cardiac arrhythmias, muscle weakness, unprovoked aggression toward other animals or people, sudden onset of adult seizures disorder, shortness of breath, fatigue, cognitive changes, joint pain, moodiness, hearing loss, erratic temperament, hypo-attentiveness, depression, fearfulness, hoarseness, phobias, ear inflammation, crusty skin, exercise intolerance, inclination toward infection, incontinence, anxiety, passivity, compulsiveness, and irritability.
    Where is your mum located??

    I would definitely say that a second opinion is in order. Prednil is corstisone. Cortisone should not be considered a long term treatment and will eventually do more harm than good.

    It could also be diet related. The dog may have a problem digesting food or absorbing food types or it could be an immune response (severe allergic reaction to certain foods).

    What is the dog fed? Does it have problems with constipation or diarrhoea?

    It could possibly also be an allergic response to something in the environment otherwise called an atopic allergy.
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    Has she been tested for diabetes?

    Weight problems...erratic heart beat etc can be a symptom if diabetes

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    thanks again , the vet put ami on a chicken and rice diet plus prednil... i think its alot to do with diet but the info on diabetes and thyroid etc.. are good . i will get mum to see another vet also . i will phone her now , she lives in victor harbor sa .

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