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Thread: In the News- Boxing Roo Almost Drowns Man Saving Dog!!

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    Oh yes, it's self defense. I don't blame the roo. Imagine having something coming after you with bared teeth! I feel sorry for the dogs too as they haven't been trained properly. My FIL is luckily Les' STEP father, as he is a horrible old "B" in every way. He only rescued them cos he didn't want to lose 2 working dogs.

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    Dede and Di Dee (OMG how am I gonna cope with typing that) know about roos all right.

    They are VERY, VERY dangerous animals when they want/need to be. I've seen a motorbike totalled, along with rider, a car so battered it was close to being written off, and if any of in SA ever used to visit Kangaroo Island...well, I've got scars from sliding down a VERY steep rock wall when one the size of a bloody cart decided to get rid of me!!!
    They are also highly intelligent.

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    DA, please just call us Di and De. That's what we're used to. lol

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