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Thread: Beautiful Quotations Etc for Our Most Adorable Friends!!

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    Good thing I didn't write something about Zena then DA.

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    True, you'd owe me a truckload of tissue boxes then.

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    I like this quote very much. I hope you will also like it...-

    "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself "

    And I believe it's TRUE...

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    This one made me cry I found it on an APBT site...........


    I was born today. One of 10. My daddy was very famous. I have lots of half brothers and sisters. My mother is very famous. Since she got famous, she has only had puppies. No more loving hands, no more fun trips...just puppies. She is always sad when they leave her.

    I left home today. I didn't want to go, so I hid behind my mama and three litter mates that were left. I didn't like you. But one day they said I would be famous. I wonder, is famous the same as fun and good times? So you picked me up and carried me away, even though you were concerned about me hiding from you. I don't think you liked me.

    My new home is far away. I am scared and afraid. My heart says "be brave." My ancestors were. Did they go to good homes like mine? I am hungry because I can't eat too much because it will be bad for my bones. I can't bite or snap when the children are mean to me. I just run, play, and pretend I am in a big green field with butterflies, robins, and frogs.

    I can't understand why they kick me. I am quiet, but the man hits and says loud things. The lady doesn't feed me good things like I had with my mother. She just throws dry food on the ground then goes away before I can get too close for touching and petting. Sometimes my food smells bad but I eat it anyway.

    Today I had 10 puppies. They are wonderful and warm. Am I famous now? I wish I could play with them but they are so tiny. I am so young and playful that it is hard to lay in this hole under the house nursing my puppies. They are crying now. I am so hungry. I wish someone would throw me some food. I am also very thirsty. I now have eight. They got cold during the night and I couldn't make them warm again. They are gone. We are all very weak. Maybe if I take them out on the porch we can get some food.

    Today they took us away. It was too much trouble to feed us and someone came to take us away. Someone grabbed my puppies. They were crying and whimpering. So we were put in a truck with boxes in it.

    Are my babies famous now? I hope so, because I miss them. They are gone. The place smells like urine, fear, and sickness. Why was I here? I was beautiful, like my ancestors. Now I am hungry, dirty, in pain, and unwanted. Maybe the worst is unwanted. No one came, though I tried to be good.

    Today someone came. They put a rope on my neck and led me to a room that was very clean and had a shiny table. They put me on the table. Someone held me and hugged me. It felt so good! Then I felt tired and looked over to the last one who cared as I laid down. I am famous now. Today someone cared.
    Author Unknown

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    I wrote this the other day. I write a lot of poetry and usually never share it. My wife and a good friend of mine felt that I should share it with people. So here’s my shot at creativity and getting a message across. If you like the poem, you can donate a “Buck for my Bullies”. I’m going to try and make a difference in 2010. My paypal is My theory behind this is.. if 1 million people read this poem and donate $1.00, I can start my pitbull sanctuary. You all know we need one in the south.

    A scowl genetically embedded on my face, as I didn’t come from the greatest place.

    I was born out of brutality and cruelty. Any act of kindness towards me would be something completely new to me.

    I never win the popularity contest, as I am not liked by many. When they handed out chances, I never received any.

    I always walk alone, but not by choice, I cant even plead my case, as I have no voice.

    The jury is out before my trial even begins. I have become a storage facility that is full of humanity’s sins.

    My friends are sentenced to death without committing a crime..The hurt and the pain that is inflicted on me is overlooked all the time.

    I have been racially profiled because of my breed.. Fought to the death for other peoples greed.

    I have viewed much of my life on chains, or behind bars.. You cant even see my smile, because its been hidden by scars.

    You read horrific stories of all my heinous acts.. the press exploits me without knowing all the facts.

    my neck has grown heavy with your weights and your chains..I have been fed nothing but torture, and i have absorbed all the pain.

    my life can be compared to that of slavery.. Is this the path that society has made for me?

    I am resilient by nature and I have way too much pride.. That’s why its rare to see someone like me ever cry..

    what I really want is to be by your side.. I’m loyal to you forever or at least until I die

    What few of you know is how emotional I can be,all I want is to be part of your family.

    I am not saying that all of us are perfect or great. Humans come in both and good and bad, so you should be able to relate.

    I don’t want to be beaten down any longer.. you need to make laws to protect me, much stronger.

    Dont stand there and let this happen one more day.. The cruelty I am subjected to, is not OK.

    I know it will take time and your schedule is full.. Why would you want to try and help me??

    I’m just a pitbull.

    Jason M Flatt
    President and Founder
    Friends To The Forlorn Pitbull Rescue Inc.
    A registered 501 (c)(3) organization

    what a great poem, to support such a great cause!

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    Dudley C. Pye A.M, J.P.

    Eyelids a first light flutter,
    Body in its foetal stance,
    Canine eyes cast around,
    On the days initial glance.

    Frosted spots on dulling fur,
    Like dusting on a cake,
    Dislodged like mini snowballs,
    By dogs head gentle shake!

    Doesn’t lift his aging head,
    While old eyes dimly scan,
    His metal resting place,
    Rusting Kombi campervan.

    A glance towards his master,
    Inert in canvas swag,
    Meeting of each other’s eyes,
    Cause old dogs tail to wag.

    The old blokes hand emerges,
    Towards his only mate,
    The Kelpie pads toward him,
    At less than rapid rate!

    Gently lick the old mans face,
    Rough stubble on his tongue,
    Both growing old together,
    Their stories left unsung.
    They both had once been droving,
    Long paddocks endless course,
    Dog loped behind his master,
    Sun obscured by the horse!

    The road trains overtook them,
    Cows cramped in lowing loads,
    Long paddock now is Asphalt,
    White lines bisect the road.

    The man then bought the Kombi,
    Swag tucked behind him neat,
    They drove the Asphalt paddock,
    Dog with a window seat!

    At times the old man sickens,
    Of life now spent in cars,
    Then camps beside a creek bed,
    A night beneath the stars.

    The Kelpie eyes the old man,
    Of whom he is so fond,
    Heads toward his water plate,
    A morning-frozen pond!

    The man emerges slowly,
    Arms stretching with a yawn,
    Strokes the Kelpies greying chin,
    Regrets another dawn.

    This is their only life now,
    The Kelpie and the man,
    To drove the Asphalt paddock,
    By Kombi campervan!

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    For a dog that is unwell and needs to be put down I saw this at the vet when my first dog was put down..


    Time to let me go my friend,
    Because my life no-one can mend,
    Its better to let me go this way,
    Than watch me suffer night and day.

    I'm happy to go, my time has come,
    My quality of life is no longer fun,
    Ive been so ill, so its not a bad thing,
    To let me go forever resting.

    Stay with me till I drift away,
    Fast asleep forever I pray,
    To relieve me from suffering and pain,
    What more can I ask from my best friend.

    Don't be sad, I'll be free from pain,
    Never to be ill ever again,
    I know you'll miss me being there,
    But all the memories you have to share.

    Thankyou for being my best friend,
    And all my needs that you did tend,
    Try not to be sad, try not to cry,
    Now's the time to say Goodbye.

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