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Thread: Bushfires!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KelpieMum View Post
    Health authorities are reminding people to drink plenty of water and stay out of the heat is possible, while the RSPCA has urged pet owners to take extra precautions also.

    "Owners need to ensure their pets are kept safe, cool and hydrated to avoid a cruel death," RSPCA chief veterinarian Magdoline Awad said in a statement
    Last year was one of the hottest on record - we had nearly two weeks of over 40 - it was getting towards 50 at one point which is ridiculous for here. My dogs - that was Billie, Cappy and Flash at the time had cool mats, collar collars and wet towels. I was with as often as possible and left a fan running.

    They all survived - I heard so many horror stories of older dogs dying because of people's lack of attention to their special needs.

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    In Qld in 2001/2002 many elderly humans were dying because of people's lack of attention to their special needs.

    We all have so much to learn. *sob*

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    Hi Kelpiesmum.

    I haven't asked them but I guess they'd ring my mobile, get me in Perth and suggest I come and get my dog and move her to a "safer place". Blurk. And I'd ring my mum, and ask her to go get the dog - and hope that she can get up there and back to the flat without incident. And mum wouldn't be happy.

    I have boarded Frosty at the Vet but it's not very nice place for a farm dog to be. I only did it because she needed medicine three times a day at the time and I thought that was a bit much to ask of my sister in law (no chance of my brother helping).

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    last year fire was bad in vic we have been up to king lake it made me sad so mey people died in the fires

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