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Thread: OMG, Just Sicking, Man Throws Dog of Bridge

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    Unhappy OMG, Just Sicking, Man Throws Dog of Bridge

    Animal lovers and computer hackers have helped hunt down a Lithuanian man who hurled a dog off the side of a bridge and posted the footage on the internet.

    Harrowing mobile phone footage shows the man, named by the Daily Mail newspaper as Svajunas Benuik, carrying the dog to the side of the bridge.

    He then jokes to a friend who is filming him that he is about to prove "dogs can fly".

    Benuik waits for the traffic to clear before dropping the dog over the edge.

    Amazingly the dog survives the fall and can be heard crying over the sound of the traffic.

    It was later rescued and treated for multiple fractures and internal injuries.

    As the horrifying video circulated over the internet, furious animal lovers vowed to track down the man responsible.

    Visual clues from the video led Lithuanian residents to identify a bridge in the city of Kaunas where the cruel act occurred, the Daily Mail reports.

    Online hackers then announced they had uncovered the man's identity, street address, personal email and Facebook page.

    Benuik was forced to hand himself into police after local detectives became involved in the hunt.

    He is expected to be charged with animal cruelty.

    Police have issued a statement thanking web users for helping them catch the alleged culprit

    Web vigilantes hunt down dog hurler

    Words cant describe the feelings & thoughts i have towards this f***ing scum bag prick who done that cruel deed

    OMG i feel for the dog, hope he recovers nicely from he's injuries & is found a safe loving home.

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    AF, can't everyone just drop the wanker off the bridge - a few times till he can't be rescued any more.

    Ruddy maggot.

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    I better not say what I feel
    All I'll say is that I think he deserves the same treatment as the poor dog.

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    excuse my words but what a bloody ***** **** head

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    God damned oxygen theif!

    As I always say,they wantus to be scared of the dogs? What about the scum of humanity that can do this and laugh about it?!

    Utterly sickened.
    Hope the poor dog fares well.
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    Animal cruelty should be treated the same as if we treated a human this way... this is disgusting and makes me feel sick!

    Choppa your soo right.. why should we be scared of dogs more than people...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Magdalena View Post
    I better not say what I feel
    All I'll say is that I think he deserves the same treatment as the poor dog.
    I agree! What an absolute heartless loser!!!!! He should be jailed for what he did!!!!!!!!
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    I could easily kill this prick...

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    I just can't think of enough bad words to call this guy!!!
    (not that I could on the forum anyway )
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