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Thread: Sunscreen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Harmony View Post
    Hi Mags,

    Great topic! I see that AF has already posted links to some of the doggy sunscreens on the market. I have bought a few different types and seem to have settled on the Vetbasix Sunscreen which you can buy online from the RSPCA if you want?

    I am not a fan of human sunscreens on my 2 - mostly because of a discussion I had with a Vet regarding Zinc Toxicity and how this can affect pooches. Didn't seem a good thing in any way shape or form. So I never apply zinc cream or human sunscreen but just stick to the animal specific stuff which doesn't contain the nasties.

    Anyways, I don't want to say that to cause a panic .. it's all subjective eh. My previous dogs I used to coat with Zinc cream and layer with human sunscreen and never thought any more of it, and never had any dramas. I guess I'm a bit more concerting (and slightly more up on things???) these days and don't feel it necessary to take any risks .. particularly given the pooch screen isn't that much more expensive.

    Happy fun filled days for Misi and Lola Mags .. enjoy the summer!

    Hang 10 dude,
    SH n' the beacher and beachette (zep n' lola)
    Thank you SH & the beacher and beachette
    Doggy sunscreen it is !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    I second the zinc cream.

    Not sure about around the eyes though. You can get sort of enclosed fly veils for horses, I wonder if you can get them for dogs.

    The advantage of coloured / white zinc cream over the invisible stuff is
    1. you can see when it's been rubbed off and it's time to put more on
    2. the invisible stuff is made with nano particles and scientists are not sure what the long term effect of these are. They can penetrate straight though skin so not sure I'd want that on my face. Although sunburn is probably worse for your (dog's) health.

    Fly Masks

    Lola would be size foal or pony?

    PS this article says zinc oxide (zinc cream) is toxic to dogs - argh.
    Sun Protection for Dogs: How to Prevent Dog Sunburn - Associated Content -

    It recommends a white tshirt, and sunscreen for dogs.
    Thanks Hyacinth

    Doggy sunscreen it is. I still don't feel comfortable using it around the eyes, so now I'm thinking *Sunnies*...Oh, dear! How funny will that look

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magdalena View Post

    Doggy sunscreen it is. I still don't feel comfortable using it around the eyes, so now I'm thinking *Sunnies*...Oh, dear! How funny will that look

    aww i think Lola would look quiet fashionable wearing doggy sunnies..
    Modpet Australia - Other K9 Eyewear

    Floyd wears doggy designed sunnies.. i'm very concerned about he's cataracts growing in size more than they already are.

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    OMG! This is just the cutest pic AussieFloydLove it!!!
    Floyd looks so good!
    Ok, will have a look for some really girly sunnies, hot pink maybe....
    Thanks for the link hon.

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