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Thread: Urine Scent in Carpet

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    I saw on a breakfast show this morning that lavender oil, I think a teaspoon in a spray bottle of water, sprayed on carpets, deters dogs peeing as they hate lavender.

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    I use lavender as a training tool with the rescues. It stops many of them but not all. It worls great for cats too. You have to reapply the scent often also as they tend to ignore it when it becomes to weak. I use pure oil and just drop a few drops around...although your house ends up reminding you of your Grandma's.

    Urine off works well, as does Piss Off. Both are commercially available but they are pretty expensive. Bio-Zet wahsing powder also works well as it breaks down enzymes which is what is needed to remove the odour.

    I always use one of the above cleaners and then the lavendar.
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