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Thread: Dogs and Heeling...

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    Hmm, was that post ambiguous.

    I mean there were lots of people at dog classes. We never saw any of them socially.

    Among our social set, there were lots of people with dogs, and those people never took their dogs to classes, and their dogs were correspondingly ill mannered.

    I'm trying to say nothing much has changed. Though there does seem to be less dogs wandering the streets by themselves.

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    My mother would have been one of those little older ladies with an Aussie Terrier on the leash. He would have a go at anything if he could. She though kept him away from others on leashes and lived in a quiet area of her town. He did not heel, pulled her along if he wanted to, walked beside her if he wanted to and they would do brisk walks or slower ones with him investigating trees along the way, whatever suited both at the time. It worked well for them. They both loved their daily walk and it kept her spry.

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