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    IMHO both - air con and fresh air, it's weird but I have found it is the only thing that works with my dogs.

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    Yeah, I feel it still works with the windows down. It just helps to cool the car down IMO faster, than if just the windows were down.

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    Sorry to hear that Puggerup! That must have been pretty scary. Have you thought about keeping water in the car so that if you need to you can pull over and give him a drink.

    Also, depending on where he sits in the car (floor, station wagon boot, seat) you could keep a bottle of frozen water next to him on the extra hot days.

    Good luck for the rest of summer!

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    Hey Puggerup!
    Not sure what the best thing is.. What I do on really hot days is start the car with the air con on, and let it run for about 5mins before I let the girls in.
    By then the car temp isn't too bad. I leave the air con on and windows up. Misi and Lola aren't used to having their windows down so they're happy with that.
    Rosie's mum's idea sounds good.
    You could also put a damp towel on the seat for him to lay on.
    Glad Ollie was ok.

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    Default! I don't want to be responsible for anything...
    At least wait for a few more comments from other members
    Seriously though, my2 jump in and start snoring straight away.

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    Hi Puggerup

    I have a windscreen shade that goes on the OUTSIDE of my windscreen, lovely silver thing with a bit of foam in it. I got it from Sprint (Auto bits). It keeps the inside of the car bearable - ie I can still touch the steering wheel when I get in, but not good enough to leave the dogs in...

    I leave the windows down between two fingers, and a hand width - to let the hot air out, and run the AC on full blast. AC needs servicing every couple of years (or every year if you're an AC mechanic) to keep the gas up to scratch so it actually cools properly. It tends to be more effective if the windows are shut, but you also need to let the hot air out. As soon as you feel the oven effect is over - you can wind the windows up, but let them down a bit when you park again and put the visor over.

    Before I had the shield thing - I used a sheet folded lengthways. And for some cars with very sloping back windows, you probably need to cover the back as well. And I'm thinking of going to a place that makes things out of canvas and getting them to make one up for me - because the sprint ones don't quite last through a whole one of our summers.

    As an added bonus, in winter - you can use the same thing to keep the ice off the windscreen, and just peel it off when you're ready to go. It's handy in places like Canberra.

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    I am lucky that I can go roofless, which George loves but in the hotter weather roof's on and AC and back windows open. I always carry water with me too- just in case something happens and we're stuck in the car for longer than expected.

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