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Thread: Fydo Sporty Solid Resistant Dog Collar

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    Cool Fydo Sporty Solid Resistant Dog Collar

    I was just wondering if anyone has one of these collar's or know's much about them? We are thinking of getting one for our puppy but not sure if its a good option compared to other collar's on the market?

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    Hey Tara,

    I have never heard of them, never seen them. But I had a bit of a google and they seem pretty cool. I guess as long as they aren't restrictive, aren't abrasive and not flimsy .. then I reckon they would be great. I have to admit, my 2 go in the water most days and I have a lot of dramas with collars .. so this is definitely something I want to read more about. So far, they sound good (in writing). Thanks for the heads up and let me know if you find anything else about them or whether you go with one..

    Regards, SH, Loles n' Zep

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