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    I have to share our experience on the weekend. Ollie & Penny had there first visit to the beach. We did a heap of research and found a few all year round beaches along St Kilda and Brighton. Sunday we off to Middle Park Beach in St Kilda for the puppies to play.

    They were hilarious....they were a bit cautious of the water, particularly with all the jelly fish that had washed up...but pint sized Penny decided to take on all the Kite Surfers...chasing them through the water, barking and carrying on like a pork chop....even Ollie stood and watched her like she was about laugh

    We were talking to a local who said that they had to fight the council to get the beach kept open for dogs. The sad thing was that the beach was absolutely filthy...not from dog poos but from rubbish that people had left was so bad that we didnt want to take our shoes off and will rethink about returning. Broken bottles, cans, plastic was disgusting...our pooches get a bad wrap...but the filthy humans still have beaches to play on.....

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    Glad you and the puppers had fun!
    Yeah its a bummer about the rubbish.
    Balnnring Beach has been labled cleanest beach award three years in a row or something.
    Thats my beach
    Education not Legislation

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    We take the girls to one at Altona North. I've found it to be very clean.

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    Disgusting I agree.

    I've never seen rubbish on the beaches here anywhere. It's lovely to see. But I do know what you mean.
    We responsible poeple carry a bag just in case our dogs do any 'littering', yet too many humans couldn't give a shit where they throw what!!!

    My MIL followed someone home once and as they were opening their front door, she bailed them up and gave them their rubbish back.

    Brilliant! priceless! I wonder if they learnt?

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    Glad they had fun! Yeah, there's one dog beach I've been to with Keeda here and it's just filthy.

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    Hey Vellela ..

    It is cool to hear of Ollie and Penny's first visit to the beach .. sounds awesome! Pics? Rubbish on a beach is always disgusting .. you guys should make it up to QLD, the beaches are great and the sun is always shining (yeah ok, not today )

    I am close to getting my 2 on Whitehaven Beach .. yes, not strictly the 'right' thing to do .. but the only thing we will leave behind is the paw prints. It's just so many people go there these days, you have to find the right time. I want them to run the whole beach .. it is such a fantastic spot, if you haven't been you should go!

    Pooches at the beach in full flight is one of the best images I can imagine .. run be free!

    SH, Lola n' Zep

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    Aww sounds like they had fun!!

    I hate it when people just walk past rubbish - whenever I see a poo bag (empty) floating in the water I pick it up - geez people!!!

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