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    Hey there...
    New to this forum and can't really seem to find much about this...
    I have a 4 1/2 month old boxer puppy, female and super energetic. I decided to get this breed because I wanted an active dog, so I am very much prepared for the exercise she needs. What I like to know though is: is it normal for my boxer to be jumping like mad?? She does it all the time, when I carry her food out, when she's excited to go for walk or play and most of all when visitors come she goes nuts. And I mean NUTS. I have read a lot about dog behaviour and I know that in these situations it is important to stay calm and ignore the bad behaviour. This works most the time as she calms down fairly quickly, but not in the case of visitors.
    Yesterday, my SIL came to visit, she has dogs herself and understands a little. However, Stella (my boxer puppy) would not stop jumping on her. We both tried to ignore as best as possible but she wouldn't stop. I ended up taking her away outside to teach her that this behaviour is not tolerated.
    Am I too worried and will she just grow out of that phase, being that she is still so young? Is she just a play freak? I don't want her to be a jumping-on-every-visitor kind of dog. When I come home I completely ignore her and she never jumps on me.
    Are any boxer owners in this forum that may have some advice?

    Also, I have a really nice old lady as a neighbour, she loves Stella and greets her everyday (even if I don't see it I'm sure she does). I notice she puts her hand over the fence to pat Stella, and Stella just leaps every time. Is it rude to ask her nicely to not pat her over the fence?? I am worried she will jump it one day, it is only a short backyard fence (3ft or something).

    Thanks!! Any good feedback is appreciated.

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    Nobody wants to tolerate a dog that jumps on them, little own all over them.

    You need to teach her that jumping up on people is not acceptable. Can be dangerous also with little kids and elderly people.

    She's excited, but I don't think putting her outside is simply going to teach her it's not ok!
    My thoughts are:

    1) Keep telling her 'No!' in no uncertain terms when she does it. Try putting her back down all four feet on the ground and make her sit. Only when she's calm, then let the visitor approach her. If she starts to get up and jump again, keep going over it, again and again and again...repetition. She should get the message before too long.

    2) Worst case scenario if absolutely nothing works, lift your leg up at the knee. She's not going to enjoy that.

    I wouldn't like any neighbour putting their hand over the fence and patting my dog, but then again, no-one could anyway. What's the go with the 3-foot or so fence??? That's really low for a boxer, considering what size an adult grows to!!!
    Can you add to the top of the fence if needed?

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    Put her on a lead when people come over. Make sure she sits and is calm before you let her off. Have them ignore her completely.

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    Hi Klaud

    3' fence - are you MAD?

    There are two boxers who walk at my favourite am oval every day, and they can both jump the 3' fence around that without even touching it.

    Neither of them jump all over anybody. I think that is because they are well trained. They are both quite keen on tug of war and treats, so if yours is also, it should be easy to train and you better start - yesterday.

    First teach your dog to sit. Then only pat it when it sits. Only feed it when it is sitting. And when guests come, make it sit before they can greet it.

    I agree about the knee to dog chest thing, except it won't stop your dog from jumping on anyone else. Clearly something you are doing and these other people are doing is re-inforcing the jumping - like they pat her and coo at her when she does it. Scream NO at the people who do this. Make her sit and then let them pat her.

    Same with dinner. Got the food. Tell her to sit. If she doesn't - no food until she does. Turn around and carry the food back. Count to 10 slowly and try again.

    Should be lots more help in here.
    Digital Dog Training Textbook | Dog Star Daily

    And here
    Questions and answers from Turid Rugaas

    Or google "stop dog jumping up on people"

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    Thanks everyone for some feedback on this. I actually got the fence thing wrong, it's 4ft high at the front & back but the side fence is much higher. But yes I realise she might still jump it and should probably consider putting an extra bit on.
    I will have to be more firm with her and make her sit completely when visitors come, thanks for the tips. I will definitely try this.

    She is actually really behaved otherwise. Walks on loose lead, waits for her food until I let her have it, sits, drops and stays on command (hand signal). I have been training with her from day one it's just that she's so full of beans and jumping is the one thing I can't seem to get her to stop doing. But here's to working harder!!

    I will post some updates when I have some progress!

    Thanks :-)

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    I know it sounds a little old fashioned, but a water spray bottle can really work. So instead of her getting your attention by jumping - which she is getting if you correct her and put her in a sit - you don't even acknowledge her. Just spray a little water gently in the direction of her face to distract her from her jumping activities. When she stops for a split second that is the moment to give her your attention and praise her for backing off. If she comes back with a jump-up, withdraw your attention and only give her another little spray.

    As long as your visitors don't mind a little incidental water mist... It's nearly summertime so they shouldn't be too worried!

    Remember, any attention is a reward, even eye contact!

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