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Thread: DogForum Video

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    yep theyre grate chop

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    Great idea Choppa!
    Here's my 3...feel free to use other's in my album if you wish
    Mags...Lola puts a smile on my face everytime I see her airborn!!!

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    Thanks so much guys

    We're still missing some Borzois and Sheps and the other Staffs......well missing still quite alot really
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Hi Choppa...

    omg i couldn't choose which beaut 3/4 pics of Floyd to use, so i just posted my fav pics, i'll leave it up to you to choose okies, if that's ok with you

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    It's sooooo hard choosing



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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiemyf7 View Post
    Leo's not nuetered!?
    Not yet. We wanted to wait till he was 2years old, (he is now 18 months) for growth reasons and unless humping or the alike became an issue we always planned to wait. OH (being a man) 'feels' for him, so we have started talking about those 'fake' fill ins oh boy! personally i say he doesnt need them, it would be more uncomfortablem but have promised my OH it is something that i will look into. It is a big step for my Oh to even say that, being his family had always had un-neutered dogs and spayed bitches, but after much discussion re my arguements being it takes 2 to tango, Leo could jump a 6 foot fence if he wants to get to a bitch in heat, he could be stolen/taken for breeding stock ect he is finally started to come around... but still argues back with me that Leo has very secure fencing (6 foot colourbond fencing with double gates at the entry and padlocks to get through) and cant wonder, does go off leash at permitted areas but its up to other owners not to bring there dog in heat to the park, ect ect. So, do i rather a entire dog or a dog with fake gonads? (excuse the term)

    Sorry, bit off topic in this thread but anyways

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    awww, too cute!! (Griffen and Madeline that
    I just love looking at other peoples photos.
    This video is going to be top shelf
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    Here you go Choppa

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    OO, goodie, goodie. I get to "play".

    Mish, Zena, Tara & Spirit ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoppaChop View Post
    Thanks so much guys

    We're still missing some Borzois and Sheps and the other Staffs......well missing still quite alot really

    Coming, coming!!

    Will have to dig out some discs, everything has been backed up and stored recently...

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