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    Well my boys
    zultan and finn experienced an evening in the pound.............. much to their disgust. OMG how DARE YOU MUM........ so below US.....Yeah boys, reality check, you decided to climb over your 6 ft fenced run and run amuck, yes neighbours do adore you Zultan, but two of you running freely, sorry does not go down positively baby. And yes boys you are incredibaly LUCKY to live in a rural estate where people know you Zultan and are could have ended quite differently.
    Zultan was quite aloof with me at the pound, since arriving home, has not let me out of his sight whereas Finn was quite distraught with the situation and was so excited to see us, he has now changed his sleeping area from his couch in the lounge room to our bedroom floor.
    I do respect every employee and volunteer that work in that environmrnt as in the short time we were there, if money came in to the equation, they were surrendered.......Cheers to all of you out there that care!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm glad your boys are home safe and sound. I hope they behave better with the fences after their trip to the Big House.

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    So glad they are home safe, Rotten mongrels scaring you like that.

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    What a scare for you all. Glad they are home safe and sound.
    The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.

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