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Thread: Council Rego

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    Thanks for the replies people, very interesting

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    There was a story on our news the other day that said the cost of dog management by councils exceeds the revenue of dog rego. Eg paying rangers to pick up strays, and a pound (or contract pound) to put them in - instead of PTS on collection (though that would also cost)... and the cost of building dog off leash parks and maintaining them (ours gets vandalized every week, gate locks get stolen regularily etc) all cost money.

    A pity there isn't a corresponding list of how dogs make councils money (besides rego fees) eg reduced house breaks, higher house values = higher rates. And dog therapy benefits = lower mental health costs / issues, and more fitness (for at least the owners that walk their dogs) ie less health expenses overall. Although the heath benefits might be cancelled by the dog bite costs - not sure, given that there are many more dogs that are well behaved providing good health benefits, and very few overall that cause medical expenses - then perhaps benefit outweighs cost?

    And then there are the small businesses (and some big ones) that dog ownership supports. Eg Vets, Pet Supplies, Supermarkets (gee whole isles dedicated to dog and cat food???!!!), these all make money for councils too. Hmm. Never mind.

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    The story on the news is just laying the groundwork for slugging dog owners for more.
    Councils aren’t allowed to arrange their duties into areas of profit.
    The state governments have offloaded onto them the scraps they don’t want: street sweeping, garbage collection, gutters and sewers.
    The takings and fines from parking don’t have to go back into providing decent free parking.
    The big takings from rates don’t have to go back into supporting amenities, so the takings from dogs don’t have to either.

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