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    Hi everybody,

    In our previous thread we introduced Tara. She is a 10 month old Great Dane. When she came home on her first few nights she was great but has gone backwards. This only happens after we have gone to bed at night.

    She has taken up destructive chewing of shoes/hats and hard plastic. She does not chew anything else. Also, although she was house trained, she has taken to eliminating in the back room of the house. We did speak with her previous owner and got the "By the way she is destructive" where in previous discussions she wasnt.

    Prior to her coming in for the night she spends some time outside to enable her to go to the toilet. We have also taken to walking her to try and tire her out, and we have brought two toys, one a Kong toy stuffed with her favourite treats to keep her occupied. However she shows little interest in her toys.

    Anyway, we love Tara to bits and want to resolve the issue. We live in a 2 storey house, and dont want her negotiating the stairs at night. We dont particularly want to crate her all night either, as we want her to have access around the house.

    I believe that there may be some separation anxiety, she only does it when we go to bed. We have had her for a week now so would have thought that she would be over that.

    Can anybody help us? Pleeeeeeeeeease!!!

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    Hi there

    I know you say you don't want to crate her but could you confine her to a smaller area. Jenna goes to bed in her crate, which she is quite happy about now. She has a couple of biscuits thrown in at bedtime and happily wanders in eats the biscuits and settles down to sleep for the night. I think having the whole empty house to wander around in could possibly amplify the seperation anxiety. She may be looking for you, and also less likely to just sleep. For the first few weeks we had Jenna, if ever we went out, even just to go to the post box or something, she would go to the front door and poo on the floor, but we could pop her in her crate and go out for short periods and she would be fine. I think she feels safe in there and they don't like to eliminate in their own 'space'.

    Good luck, I'm sure others on here will have more suggestions
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    I'd agree with Tkay

    Try her with a crate and see how she goes.
    A week is not very long in the grand scheme of things really.It may take her a month to begin to settle properly.
    As for the destructivness? mmm...apart from putting things away where she cant get to them and providing her with options ,I'm afraid I cant help much. She's being a typical,cheeky,naughty 5 month old
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    I find my girls have trouble hanging on if they are able to wander. If I put up a pen (which is bigger than a crate so would suit your girl plus folds up out of the way in the morning) they settle better and don't wee on the floor.

    I think it is the actual physical activity of moving around that makes them more likely to go.

    Your girl is very young still, perhaps she hasn't quite figured it out. Maybe if you put up a pen at night for her she will gradually get the idea that when you go to bed that means she is supposed to as well.

    And yes, my girls are destructive if I leave them with too much freedom in the house - they like to find things they can shred... But they know the phrase "go to bed" when we go and they go into their pen where they have their own toys to tear up.

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    You obviously love this puppy very much , just remember she is a puppy, she will settle. The crate is a perfect solution for her as her sep anxt is only at night. Crating is not cruel or horrible. Good luck

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    Tara seems to have separation anxiety. Mimi would become destructive when I left her for more than a few hours. She is now 2 y/o and has settled somewhat but still does it on occasion. I make sure that I have exercised her well. A minimum of one hour in the morning before I leave for work and an hour immediately after I arrive home from work. I make sure however that I leave nothing for her to chew on.. She usually chews something small that is part of a big thing eg the belt off my dressing gown or the corner of the sheet on her side of the bed!
    I spoil her rotten though. When I come home, she always checks my bag to see if there is something for her and almost always there is! Either a special treat or a toy.. I think she behaves and looks forward to me coming home.
    Tara wants to be with you in your room during the night. Maybe crating is the answer (door open)

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    I know you said you'd like for Tara to have the whole house to roam about, but for a puppy, it's bit too much...specially when she hasn't got you downstairs. I understand your worry with the stairs too..and I agree she shouldn't be free to go up and down them. How about you take her upstairs with you at night, block the stairs off up top, and let her sleep beside your bed?

    I let Candy roam the house at night...but our house is smaller and Candy is able to walk into my room to check on me (which she does several times per night). If she was to be left alone...thinking I wasn't there...she would be on the destruction path too!

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    Hi there

    Last night we confined her to a room. She did not eliminate at all last night. We also took her for a walk and she played with her new ong toy for over an hour yesterday afternoon. She looked like a very tired pooch when she went to bed. We called her in last night, and instead of the bundle of energy she normally is, she walked inside, very sleepy indeed.

    Thank you all for the suggestions so far. Hopefully she will settle down as time goes on, she is 10 months old at the moment, still some maturing to do.

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    So glad it went well last night. I guess she is still a puppy...a big one LOL...and they have so much energy. Tiring her out before bedtime may be the trick. Good luck.
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    I vote for crate training too. If you can google up Ian Dunbar's "Before you get your puppy" you can even download the whole book in pdf format and study it carefully. I think it's great the way he explained thoroughly crate training and lots of other stuff. You even have another book "After you get your puppy" also in pdf for downloading.
    Good luck!

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