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Thread: Roly What is Your Problem!!

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    I think your dog is trying to tell you something. Does he perhaps want another walk? Is he constipated? I know that Kirby does this but it is usually because of possums.

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    Thanks so much for your help guys.

    Well im so sure he's not barking at anything in particular cause Lady is the one with the best hearing and eyesight and she's usually barking before him.
    Ive told in other threads that Roly only goes for walks every second day as he stiffens up too much and needs a day to recover. I dont get why he would want another walk when my 6 year old Kelpie is happy with her hour walk.
    Constipation is a possiblility, but he only does it at these certain times is whats doing my head in the most.

    Im not snippy mal, except I dont appreciate the post 'learn to read your dog'. Was it meant to be helpful or..?

    Thanks again for replies
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