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Thread: New Pup is in Early Stage Planning

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    Default New Pup is in Early Stage Planning

    My partner and I have been thinking on adopting a new pup in the next six months or so....not in a hurry at all, just discussing what breed may best suite us and a family in the (hopefully) not to distant future.
    I am thinking perhaps a Weimaraner Savvy.
    Other breeds in discussion are Golden retriever (but the long hair may be a concern), another Lab, Boxer, Or Dalmation. We still have a lot of questions we are looking into about each of these breeds and others.
    Any other suggestions?
    I know that it is a personal thing choosing a pup, however i would be interested in peoples opinions and experiences in different dog breeds.

    I have been looking up info from the internet on different breeds, but it is better to hear about personal experiences and peoples pros and cons about there prefered breed. X breeds included. We may adopt from a shelter or resuce organisation.
    Does anyone know if we can put our names down for a particular breed from the rescue organisation? Or does it not work like that?? As I said before, we are not in a hurry.

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    I'm a big Sheppie fan. In my experience you have to be prepared to put in a lot of work to keep their brains active or they can get a bit ratty. Their coat needs a daily brush to keep the fur bunnies at bay in the house.

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    I haven't got any advice over which breed etc. but just wanted to say I will be very interested to hear how things go when you get a second dog. Do you think you will get a male or female?

    I want to get Jenna a mate to play with when she is around 12-18 months old, so a while yet, but I've never had 2 dogs so it will be a learning curve. Exciting though
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    We will be looking for a female. I have never had two dogs either, however I am looking forward to it.
    Does anyone know if two female dogs would work out better or worse in the long run? I would be interested in knowing about peoples experiences. And the best ways two introduce a new pup to the older one without causing many problems ect.
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    Im a huge GSD fan too (duhh :P) but i think labs/ golden retrievers make excellent family members... cav's are awesome dogs for kids from what i have seen (have a lot of friends with them and the dogs and kids are just fantastic together!)

    From my understanding and maybe someone with one can correct me, but i was lead to believe that staffy's can get quite territorial when it comes to introducing a new family member (non fur) into the house hold (you mentioned a growing family)., I've also heard the same for dalmatians and dobermans ...Im sure it comes down to HOW you introduce them, and as long as you don't go from having the dog in the room with out to outside, it should be ok. Of course there are people who have these dogs and had babies without any troubles what so ever!!! So it is just a word by mouth then anything (and i don't mean to offend ANYONE!)

    As for female and female,, well i always thought it was a really bad idea to keep two of the same sexes together? Don't they tend to fight for dominance? Where as male and female the female just gives in, or the older dog takes dominance?

    thats my understanding anyhow, and I am defiantly not an expert..

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    Interesting about the female/female dominance thing Jodz, I didn't know that. Paw-Sha is my first female dog and I have found her to be the best yet. I have also not had two dogs at the same time before either, so lots more comments on that and any helpful tips would be great!

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    Two desexed females in the breeds you are considering should never be a problem. They can be in some stronger willed breeds.

    Many breed clubs have a breed rescue group. I know for sure that Goldies and Labs do. Dogzonline often have listings for rescue and mature dogs looking to be re-homed - just having a look - there is a dally and a boxer on there at the moment, so I'm sure it would be pretty normal for them to pop up regularly.

    Weimeraners are lovely but very active, same for Dallies. Be prepared to run them every day! Boxers too are pretty full on sometimes, but so sweet!

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    If you find out some interesting info on the Dalmation i would love to hear it!

    They're in my list of 'wants'
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    A friend of mine had a Dallie and her word to describe him was Dumb!!! I have never had anything to do with the breed.
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    I like dalmations, I like them better than labradors - but I've met far to many badly trained (untrained?) labradors and they are nightmares. Golden retriever - the hair is a nightmare but the dog is gorgeous though a badly trained Goldie with long hair - I don't know why people have these but they do.

    I got a pound puppy and I picked the friendly one. My parents, my brother, and my friends in NSW (see my photo album for pix of their dogs), all have had two desexed female dogs in their households without major troubles. Each time though - the second dog was introduced to the first as a puppy so the pack hierachy was oldest bitch first every time.

    Labradors can be quite the cannon balls when it comes to play. Dogs that hold their own with labs at our ovals include all the farm dogs because they're faster, airdale terriers, weimeranas, goldies, GSD, boxers, and the occasional vizsla. We don't have any dalmations that visit at our oval but I'm sure they'd be fine. The smaller dogs are fine but they can't/won't/don't play with the labradors.

    PS the Standard Poodles aren't real keen on Labs either but they're very snobby dogs and don't play with any dogs, neither do the curly coat retrievers. Too focussed on owners and balls. That's just the ones that visit our oval, might not apply to all of them.
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