Ahh that's really interesting about the female domination thing, I had never thought to ask if they were sterlized or not when I was told the information, that being said both Chloe and a friends Staffy x greyhound are sterilized and didn't get along at all here (my house) but fantastic on her property.. go figure, i dare say it was a territory thing even though Chloe was just submissive at any chance she got..

but I've met far to many badly trained (untrained?) labradors and they are nightmares. Golden retriever - the hair is a nightmare but the dog is gorgeous though a badly trained Goldie with long hair - I don't know why people have these but they do.
Oh i can vouch for this.. My cousins had an untrained lab and he was a beautiful dog but so so annoying the jumping, destroying, chewing etc.. Could not leave anything on the line.. To be honest it was one of the reasons we stayed away from Labs ourselves, but seeing as you have Paw's and I dare say you are planning on training (look at me assuming) I figured you liked them..