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Thread: Dog Screaming/ Howling in Sleep

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    Default Dog Screaming/ Howling in Sleep

    Hey guys,

    I have noticed occasionally my 19month old Newfie is howling/screaming in his sleep. The first time he did it he woke me up and I had no idea what was happening- it sounded exactley like my boyfriend's voice, screaming with the tone getting deeper and deeper as it goes on- as if he's falling off a cliff!

    I've heard him do it about five times now, and when it happens it continues for at least 45 seconds before I manage to wake him! It is really quite loud- I wouldn't be suprised if my neighbours can hear him (and he sleeps inside!) And I've never heard him howl at any other time!

    Has experienced anything similar?

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    Loppy often has very vocal dreams.
    I usualy leave her unless they get really loud and she appears to be stressing.
    Most times I just give her a nudge as she is up against my back and its a tad annoying.
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    Funny you mention this. Taya sometimes talks in her sleep but last night I heard her howling for the first time!! Not very loud though thank goodness.

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    While I was roaming the net on another topic I did read a few times that there are different "fear" periods in a dog's growth stages. That it how we respond to them, ie make a fuss so it is reinforced there is something to fear or carry on as normal to show there isn't makes a big difference to emotional growth. Don't ask me where though as I have been everywhere, lol.

    No idea if this is any help or not.

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    Very interesting, PAw- Sha only has done this in the past, not often and not too loud but I have heard it on occations and the running in her sleep too. That is cute to watch.

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    My greyhound Chloe does it at least once a day. Its quite upsetting for me because I dont know how she was treated in her past life and if thats what she is dreaming of. I sit near her until its over.

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