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Thread: New Addition to the Family

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    Default New Addition to the Family

    Hello everybody,

    We have a new addition to the family. She is a 10mo purebred Blue Great Dane, called Tara. We have had her home since Saturday night, and she is progressing well. Her first and second nights she had a bit of separation anxiety but last night she was great. We have a 2 storey house and we dont want her tackling the stairs and having an accident.

    She has bonded well with the family, and she has some basic commands sorted. Surprisingly enough she will wait at a door until called, will not eat until given permission to do so, and will get in and out of a car on command. However she will not sit or stay. We are thinking of joining the local kennel club and doing some proper obedience training with her.

    She is a great dog and is a great addition to our family. A picture is attached.
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    Hello and Welcome ..

    Tara is a lil beauty .. thanks for showing her to us. WOW, those first few nervous nights, enough to give us all a bit of nervous anxiety. It sounds like she has the best home ever.

    Pats for Tara and a handshake for you ..

    SH, Loles n' Zep

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    Oh she is lovely Grakat !

    Whats her story ? Is she a breeders /show dog that hasn't progressed as well as they'd hoped?
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    Default Tara

    Hi there

    Choppachop, you are exactly right. Although she meets the breed standard for height she is too short to be competitive in the show ring, at least in the state where she was shown.

    Her lineage is that of a breeders dog, and we have all the papers for her going back three generations. Her lineage includes Aust and overseas champions. For us she is the perfect dog.

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    Hey again
    I thought that might be the case,it's not often you see a lovely Dane without papers.
    Now we'll need regular pics you understand
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    Hi &

    aww congratz on your new addition, she sure is a gorgeous girl

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    Hello and welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing lots of pics of Tara, and hearing some great funny pupy stories.

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    Hi and welcome. Looking forward to lots of pics and stories.

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    Awwwwww, what a beautiful girl and congratulations. I love that breed.
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    Hi & . Tara is her colour!

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