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Thread: New Addition to the Family

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    Hi everybody,

    Tara is still with us and is still going well. We have her enrolled for her first session of obedience training this coming Tuesday night. I'm looking forward to it and I think Tara will enjoy it too.

    We are still having separation anxiety issues with her. She can go outside for a while and she is ok but if we have to go out for a few hours she struggles. We have built a kennel and are trying to get her settled into it. Hopefully we can get more info at her obedience training to resolve the problem. She has also had issues with her anal glands which previous owner did not resolve, but is making good progress

    Will update again soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Grakat1 View Post
    Hi there

    Choppachop, you are exactly right. Although she meets the breed standard for height she is too short to be competitive in the show ring, at least in the state where she was shown.

    Her lineage is that of a breeders dog, and we have all the papers for her going back three generations. Her lineage includes Aust and overseas champions. For us she is the perfect dog.
    lol, thats why she won't sit!!!! Because she has been prepared for showing!!! Stumped me the first time I came across it - she was actually Leannek's (another member) first shar pei foster. We couldn't work out why Diva was so well trained but wouldn't sit......until we traced her back to her breeder and we realised whe had been trained to show. Mystery solved!!

    HANG ON back Renee??????? We have missed you!!!!

    Lord and where are my manners..... Tara is BEAUTIFUL and welcome to you!!!

    Oh, bugger, perhaps I should give Bella back her valium, or read these posts correctly!!!
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    don't think so Amanda...Chop's post dates back to Oct 20 2009

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