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Thread: New Dog Attack Report - Fingers Pointed at APBT Again

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    Default New Dog Attack Report - Fingers Pointed at APBT Again

    Paramedics put down attack dog - Yahoo!7 News

    I feel terrible for this man, losing his dog like this, what a traumatic tragedy.

    But I find the reporting styles in these matters very sensationalist and lacking in factual info.

    If ANY dog, let alone a bull breed with a powerful jaw, was attached to a human hand during an attack for 20 minutes - would they have injuries that amounted to several stiches?????

    And how come the offending dog has been so positively identified prior to it's owner talking to the authorities and/or media?

    I notice the victim dog is only a "small fluffy dog" but the offending dog is insurmountably a pitbull??? If he can't identify the breeding of his own dog then how come he's an expert on other breeds??

    The link I followed to the story of Yahoo even used this photo of a bull breed type dog, yawning:

    This picture is completely unrelated, and comes from somewhere called "getty images". But tell me, if you see this photo attached to this story - do you assume it is the dog responsible? I think we're supposed to, and I suppose most people do.

    Is a yawning dog supposed to be threatening?? No wonder the average joe has so little idea of dog ID and behaviour!!

    I don't think the media treating it like this does anyone a favour - even the poor victim of this pointless attack by some ratbag's wandering mutt.

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    Paramedics have put down a dog described by police as an American pit bull terrier that killed a small dog and crushed a man's hand in its powerful jaws for at least 20 minutes.

    Police and paramedics were called to Arundel Avenue, Reservoir, in Melbourne's north, where the roaming pit bull had attacked a man walking his two small dogs at about 7.20pm (AEDT) on Sunday.

    The pit bull killed one of the smaller dogs and injured the other, then clamped down on the man's hand when he tried to intervene.

    Police say the dog's jaws remained locked on the man's hand for more than 20 minutes.

    "Emergency services arrived at the scene and initially all efforts to release the man from the dog's grasp were unsuccessful," Victoria Police spokeswoman Marika Fengler said.

    Police did not shoot the dog, she said, but she confirmed that the dog died at the scene after paramedics used "their resources" to assist police in freeing the man.

    The victim, a 30-year-old Reservoir man, was taken to the Northern Hospital.

    The owner of the pit bull, a 25-year-old Reservoir man, has been interviewed by police.

    Investigations are continuing.

    Dear God

    Are they truley serious?! This is one of the worse articles I have ever seen. So much glaringly wrong with many assumptions .......

    The dog locked its jaw for 20 minutes ??!!wow! Do people still believe that old myth?!
    And for a 20 minute lock ( read-dog just didn't want to let go) he received a few stitches?? But his hand was crushed for 20 minutes!! The paper said so!!

    The paramedics assisted by using their recources ??!! What does that mean exactly? Was the dog drugged , paddled , stabbed ...what ?

    So who did do the ID , police,Ambulance,victim ? Who ?
    Will we ever know and will they ever scan the dog to see if its owner could found so they could at least tell them their dog was dead ?

    Sickening in its absolute sensationalism , scare tactics and lies.
    Way to go you imbeciles .
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    It gets worse.

    Hugh Wirth has come straight out in response and declared that pitbulls should be "bred out of Australia".

    What this means in reality I don't really know. But I would be embarrassed to make sweeping public statements based on the information supplied by the media.

    Apparently the dog was "put down" with a lethal injection. I'm assuming an overdose of morphine or similar? It can't have been too ballistic if it could be injected by an ambulance officer??

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    Ah , good ole Hughy....I was hoping we'd seen the last of him when he left the RSPCA. Obviously not.
    He is also responsable for the little pearl of wisdom ; All dogs can make ,loyal,family pets.Except the APBT.

    I said it then and I'll say it again.
    Hugh? You are an absolute tosser.

    They needled the dog?
    Well yes , if the dog was so aggressive and going of how did they manage that ? Would of had to get pretty close for something like that.

    So much of this story does not make sense , surely people with good common sense will see that ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    It gets worse.

    Hugh Wirth has come straight out in response and declared that pitbulls should be "bred out of Australia".

    What this means in reality I don't really know. But I would be embarrassed to make sweeping public statements based on the information supplied by the media.

    Apparently the dog was "put down" with a lethal injection. I'm assuming an overdose of morphine or similar? It can't have been too ballistic if it could be injected by an ambulance officer??
    My thoughts exactly, how could they possibly get any where near a so called "aggressive/ ballistic dog" to inject it with a needle. Well they certainly were being very brave or very stupid to even try to get near an aggressive/ballistic dog in which i believe it wasn't as aggressive as made out to be, noted that there weren't any reports about how the "ambos" actually euthanized the dog, wonder why not much was said about how the dog died??????????...

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    I wish people did Choppa. But most treat the media as gospel truth I'm afraid, and never question what they read or hear in it

    I wouldn't think many people would be able to needle an attacking dog...

    It is so full of holes isn't it AF?
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    I need one of those *head desk* emoticons .


    Bet they wouldn't leave me for long 'chatting' to Hughy in the chat.I wonder if they will allow any supporters of the breed in....or just all the haters so that it makes for great media!?
    Seriously , a dog hanging of his hand for 20 minutes but he only received some lacerations ? *shakes head*

    I do feel for the man , and the little dog.But persecuting another breed isn't going to help.

    Paramedic euthanased pit bull | Herald Sun
    Paramedic puts down pit bull terrier after it attacked man and killed his dog yesterday
    AAP and Antonia Magee From: Herald Sun Mon Oct 19 00:00:00 EST 2009 Mon Oct 19 00:00:00 EST 2009 178 commentsIncrease Text SizeDecrease Text SizePrintEmail Share
    Add to DiggAdd to del.icio.usAdd to FacebookAdd to KwoffAdd to MyspaceAdd to NewsvineWhat are these? A picture on the homepage of the American Pit Bull Terrier Club of Australia website ( Source: Herald Sun
    UPDATE 12.08pm: A PARAMEDIC had to use medical supplies to put down a pit bull after it locked its jaws around a man's arm during a horrifying attack yesterday.

    The 30-year-old Reservoir man was walking his two small dogs on Arundel St, Reservoir, about 7.20pm last night when he and his dogs were attacked by an American Pit Bull.

    The pit bull killed one of the small dogs before attacking the other. When the owner attempted to his help his pets, the pit bull bit latched onto his arm.

    Chat live with RSPCA Victoria president Dr Hugh Wirth on the issue from 1pm

    Intensive care paramedic Robert Voss said he couldn't believe what he witnessed. Two policemen were trying to restrain the dog and free the injured man's hand when Mr Voss arrived.

    Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar.
    Pit bulls in VictoriaShould pit bulls be seized from their owners in Victoria? Yes, they should be taken away and destroyed Yes, they should be taken and cared for at a specialist facility Maybe, depends on how responsible the owner is No, if people want to keep a pit bull it's their business Vote now Related CoverageBLOG FROM 1pm: Dr Hugh Wirth on the pit bull problem
    .End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar.
    "Usually that fear and terror you see after a major disaster,'' Mr Voss told ABC Radio.

    Mr Voss' immediate reaction was to ask the police officers how he could help.

    "They said they had called the ranger to come and euthanase the dog,'' he said.

    "I said that we could assist with that. As a last resort, we euthanased the dog for them.

    "We used some sedation and then some paralysing agents.''

    He said even then everyone was still "scared and frightened''.

    "I've got to say all the gentlemen were reluctant to get off the dog, even though the dog was deceased, they were a bit apprehensive because they thought the dog was going to come back again,'' Mr Voss said.

    He said the police were loath to fire their weapons at the dog.

    "They were going to euthanase the dog with one of their firearms but unfortunately, it was too dangerous to do so,'' he said.

    "There were people there, the bullet could have ricocheted and hit somebody.

    "It was a frenzied attack. You probably couldn't have got a clear shot anyway.''

    Yesterday's attack has renewed calls for American pit bulls to be banned in Australia.

    RSPCA Victoria president Dr Hugh Wirth said the dogs were a menace and were not suitable as pets for anyone.

    "They are time bombs waiting for the right circumstances,'' Dr Wirth said.

    "The American pit bull terrier is lethal because it was a breed that was developed purely for dog fighting, in other words killing the opposition.

    "They should never have been allowed into the country. They are an absolute menace.

    Dr Wirth said local councils were not doing enough to enforce strict laws on pit bull terriers.

    Restrictions for owners include confining the dogs to their property, ensuring the property is escape-proof, while a signpost warning of the dog's existence must be displayed outside the property.

    The dog must also be desexed, with the RSPCA hopeful this will eventually wipe out the breed.

    "While the dog breed is allowed to remain in the country, unless the law is strictly enforced, we are going to see more and more and more of these attacks,'' Dr Wirth said.

    "Local government has got to spend some money going around identifying these dogs and forcing the issue.''

    Sen-Constable Julie-Anne Newman said police and ambulance officers were not able to release the man from the dog's grasp for at least 20 minutes.

    "The sergeant at the scene said there was a lot of children playing on the street at the time of the attack so it could have been a lot worse,'' Sen-Constable Newman said.

    "A dog left to roam the streets is a concern and we are looking into how the dog came to be by itself.''

    "The attack was awfully frightening for the the man involved and quite an upsetting ordeal.''

    Since 2005, three Victorians have been fatally mauled by dogs and another 1445 were admitted to hospital.

    Earlier this year a toddler was scared for her life after she was mauled by a pit bull a home in Melbourne's west.

    The owner of the pitbull involved in last night's attack attended the scene and assisted police with their investigation.

    The victim was taken to the Northern Hospital with lacerations.

    It is believed yesterday's attack is not the first one carried out by the dog. A caller to 3AW said she believed the same dog was responsible for an attack on her cat yesterday afternoon.
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    I have just hear the news on the radio......Shocked! to say the least. I can't stand hearing things like that, just ruins my day.

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    Default Hello

    Hi there, just joined & was looking through the forums & noticed this one. Ok, the media is full of B/S but lets face it, it probably was a pittie or at least a cross I have owned & bred pit bulls for about ten years but no longer. Gave up on them about five years ago now, why? I honestly do not see why anyone needs to own a dog bred for killing other dogs, anyone going to argue that? I also know of a woman who through her own silly fault tried to break up two male pitties who both got hold of her arm. The end result was 9 hours micro surgery in westmead hospital including skin grafts along with tendon & vein taken from her leg to save the arm which they were considering amputating. I have since worked at a training centre in Sydney & learnt & seen the control & true intelligence of a dog with brains. The owners of pit bulls always throw up the "condem the deed, not the breed" yet seem to forget that the breed wants to do the deed more than anything else! I love dogs, have done all my life yet I do not see the need for this breed to exist. I guess I will get bagged out for this, which is what I expect, but I know I"m right. After training all breeds for more than ten years, the only thing a pit bull can do better than other breeds is fight, again, the point of owning one is????

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    So the dog was in the middle of a frenzied attack, they couldn't shoot at it, and yet they were able to give it a needle? hmmmm

    'Restrictions for owners include confining the dogs to their property' - well shouldn't that apply to all dogs? Or is he saying they should never be allowed out? If that's the case then I'm afraid they really would be better off dead - how cruel!

    "A dog left to roam the streets is a concern..." - only if it's a Pit bull!

    ETA - Natty, I think they put that picture with it so well all know what a savage bull breed looks like, so we can steer clear
    Surely people wouldn't think it's the same dog? Why they would choose a pic of one yawning god only knows. It's teeth are showing, it must be aggressive
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