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Thread: New Dog Attack Report - Fingers Pointed at APBT Again

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    No-one has debated the tragedy of the incident guys, just the media focus on and susequent war against the breed not the individual incident.

    As for the media hype about this dog allegedly hanging onto this guy's hand for 20 minutes, it's something that's being used to go after other pitbulls and related breeds. This video shows a genuine attack on someone's arm - and the damage that can ensue after just a few seconds let alone 20 minutes.

    There is a warning attached to this one though - not for the faint hearted AT ALL:

    YouTube - Pitbull Attacks Female Animal Control Officer

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    Yep! Agreed.
    Poor woman in the video.
    Poor dog to have an owner like that.

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    I remember seeing this footage on TV and am as dismayed and appalled now as I was then. I don't know whether the moronic Voice Over comments or the Ferrel Owner p*ss me off more? I don't even know what to learn from this - if anything? I can only assume that this reinforces the opinions of most in regard to owner responsibility.

    I don't think anyone disputes that a dog of this nature can do damage (as can countless breeds), but back up a bit and let's look at why it happened? I think the limited picture the video painted of the owner is enough to suggest that she was incapable of owning anything more than an ant farm ... if that .. let alone a boy like this. So yet again another dog suffers a sad end, Ms Ferrel cops a small fine and the breed is forever tainted. Sad, very sad.

    Sorry Natty, I hope I have ranted.. I can see that you posted this to illustrate the issue of the results of an attack. Thanks for doing that.

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    Hey SH
    Yes, a perfect example of a dog in the wrong hands.
    Very sad indeed.
    Many People forget though that any dog that is willing to please the owner can be trained to attack but they still blame the breed.

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    Yeah Its bizarre the pit bull fever that sweeps around, you know look at all the hoohaa over this, yet exactly the same day an eerily similar thing happened in WA yet it only got a mini report LOL.
    Dog killed in Lockridge attack - Local news - inMyCommunity - Perth, Western Australia

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