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Thread: I've Got to Stop Looking at the Rescue Sites!

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    Default I've Got to Stop Looking at the Rescue Sites!

    I don't know why I do it. I just can't help myself. We are in no way ready for another dog yet. I really want to wait until Jenna is at least 12 months old but I've fallen in love with another rescue dog. See link

    Jimmy's profile at PetRescue - is he your new best friend?

    He's sooo gorgeous but it wouldn't be fair on Jenna. We are having to restrict her exercise so to have another lively dog around would be a nightmare. He may not even have been suitable, I won't ever know but from now on I really must be strong and stop looking. I'm sure he will find a home soon, how could anyone resist?
    The best things in life, aren't things

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    Hi TKay

    I do the same thing. Don't know why exactly. I think it's habit. And the sites I look at generally don't have the kind of dog I want on their website (RSPCA and AWL). They certainly don't put all of them up.

    After I bought my house - I kept looking at the real estate sites for a while. I think it's habit.

    Happily - I've not seen a better house than the one I got, nor a better dog. Though I have seen a few dogs I'd love to meet. Sigh.

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    I think its addicative...once you start you can't stop. I still look a rescues even tho' I have two....

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    Oh Dear!
    I do the same. I feel better knowing i'm not the only one. Thanks guys I was looking for a 2nd pooch for ages and even though i've had Lola for nearly 10 months now i still look. Habit? Obsession? sometimes I'm tempted to get a 3rd dog - not good!

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    Same here...I get tempted to get another indoor only cat

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    Jimmy is just adorable!
    You will know when you are ready to adopt another one.
    Hope Jenna is well.

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    OMG, i do it too! Save the world my hubby calls it...and tells me I can only save one dog at a time.. But I cant help myself.

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