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    i have a 6 month old purebred west x chetz german shepherd and i was wondering how long should he be exercised for on a daily basis? also he has developed a limp in the right front leg, what may have caussed this and could it be too much running and dammage to the joints or growth plates?

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    Pano is my first thought. What are you feeding? Exercise for a young dog should be limited as they dont self limit

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    You need to ask a breeder of these what they recommend and you need to get a vet checkup that would tell you if the puppy has any joint problems. I have a friend with rottweilers and she limits the exercise for a 3 month old puppy to about 20 minutes walking in one stretch. Rotties are prone to joint problems so being careful is important. Not sure how important it is with GSD but a breeder should know.

    Limps are caused by many things. Most likely is some sort of damage to the paw ie he trod on something that makes him limp. Or he could have crashed into something and hurt himself somewhere along the leg ie bruising. Or he could have over exercised and caused a problem that way - torn a muscle or tendon. Or he could have something he was born with that makes him prone to limping. Or it could be something I haven't thought of or don't know about.

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    Hi Ben&Rambo and

    I do not know about a GSD specifically but I have read a general rule for the length of puppy's walks to be 5 mins for each month of age, and try to limit vigorous running or jumping until 12 months

    If your puppy is limping I would go and get this checked out with a vet
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    Ben and Rambo, exactly how much exercise have you been giving the pup because I am reading into your post that you HAVE been over doing the exercise with the pup and are now worried about it.? German Shepherds can have elbow problems, for example, Ununited Anconeal Process(UAP) , so I suggest you take the pup to your Vet.
    If everything is aok with his elbows, then talk to someone in the know about diets as your pup might not be getting enough correct nutrients from his food? What are you feeding?

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