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Thread: Mistaken Identity

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    Default Mistaken Identity

    I don't usually take the dogs to the school bus stop but this morning the boys won the argument so we took Kenna the Sheltie with us.

    One boy at the bus stop said: "Look at the little Collie dog, dad."
    The father looked at sable and white Kenna and said:"It's nothing like a Collie. It's some sort of Husky cross. Husky mixed with Jack Russell I would think and perhaps a bit of Kelpie."

    Oh well, it was a change from miniature Lassie.

    What weird and wonderful breeds or mixtures have your dogs been mistaken for?

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    Husky mixed with a Jack Russell

    Not an unusual mix but a number of people have asked me if Jenna is a Maremma Sheepdog. TBH I didn't even know what one was so I googled it and she really does look like one. Sometimes I feel like just saying yes because then I haven't got to admit that she is a crossbreed, i'm never sure what people's reaction is going to be
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    Too funny!
    Minature Lassie! Hahahaha.
    I get asked if Lady has fox in her!
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    Well that was a very creative mix for him to think of
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    Jack Russel x Husky x a bit of Kelpie

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    Dollie is a bull mastiff puppy apparently ROFL

    aww that's so funny

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    I usually just get people asking, "What IS that?"

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    LOL, classic!
    My Mate before Paw-Sha ~ "Buddy" who was a Lab x Blue Heeler......used to get all sorts of comments as to what breed he was!

    I miss you Buds!! R.I.P boy!

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    my Frosty dog is a bitza that I got from AWL. They had her down as Blue Heeler X - so that's what I usually say she is. But she could be a whole bunch of things. A lot of people think she has staffy but I can't figure out how she could have staffy and be very long legged and fast for a blue heeler. She is faster and taller than my brother's staffy.

    I think she has some sort of short coat floppy eared border collie/kelpie mix with the blue heeler- she does the farm dog grovel / commando crawl and kelpie wiggle really well. But her face is a little bit square like the staffies and labradors and dalmations and pointer hounds have. I've ruled out Labrador since she doesn't seem to like food nearly enough and she likes to run and run and run - so she stays quite skinny or athletic looking and if I feed her too much she leaves what she doesn't want in a way that a Labrador would never do.

    Usually I say she's blue heeler x dalmation - as that would explain the short coat, long legs, wiggle, etc. Except - I've seen a known blue heeler x dalmation and it was the opposite config - ie blue heeler shape, and coat texture - but dalmation colour (spots). I guess both could happen eg dalmation shape + blue heeler colour or blue heeler shape and dalmation colour.

    She did get mistook for something completely different - a german short haired pointer hound. Possible, I suppose but she's really not tall enough.

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    I love the things that folks come up with....

    I most usually get - "Lassie cross Greyhound?"

    But I actually had a guy argue with me recently - admittedly he was out the front of the pub and a little under the weather (I said a little, not a lot! ) - that my dogs were "some sort of greyhound crosses". He just could not be convinced otherwise - not even by his wife!

    The hardest part is that if I actually come out and say they're Borzoi I still get blank looks. So the old name "Russian Wolfhound" seems easier most of the time!

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