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    Can dogs eat them and get sick or die as Humans do? Also do Dogs know instinctively not to eat certain things?

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    I think toadstools can kill dogs if they eat them - not sure if the same toadstools that kill people kill dogs - I guess it depends how the poison works, eg panadol fine for humans but deadly to some animals.

    I wish my puppy dog knew what was bad to eat and what isn't. Her favourite tummy upsetter is slightly fermented grass clippings - the clumps that form a few days after an oval has been mowed without a catcher. She also likes dirt, dynamic lifter, blood and bone, toilet paper rolls, any cardboard - all these things cause gut upsets.

    And a popular cause of visits to the vet - ratsack. This stuff is designed to be attractive to rats to eat, so not much surprise that dogs like the idea of eating it too. And I'm not likely to use snail bait again any time soon - I'll just have to get out at night and deal with the slug population explosion manually - blech. Frosty will probably want to eat the slugs too. She does draw the line at lemons, and woolly bear caterpillars fortunately.

    And it's not easy to teach her the difference between a bee/wasp and a blowfly.

    My puppy dog doesn't find the smell of mushrooms or other fungi interesting - which is good because there are lots in my backyard.

    I think the main way dogs learn about these things is from their mothers / older dogs in the home pack, and the hard way.

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    I know what you mean. I grabbed some of the spray that deters dogs & Cats off areas and so far it has worked a treat. I agree that they learn from the older dogs.

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    Yes toxic mushrooms and toadstools are bad for dogs as well. Some dogs will have a chew on just about anything so do watch for them in you garden.

    Especially be aware of anything remotely green. The Green Death Cap mushroom (from the Amanita mushroom family) is lethal - to people and dogs and pretty much anything.

    Anything Amanita is a no-no, including the red ones with white spots (amanita muscaria or "fly agaric") and the gold caps (or "magic mushrooms").

    There are lots of toadstools which can cause all sorts of yucky reactions if eaten so watch out for them.

    Use gloves if removing any mushrooms or toadstools from your garden, and keep a watch for them. They will tend to sprout in the same sort of spot over and again but can pop up in unexpected places sometimes.

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    Just curious, but has anyone heard of the case a little while ago where the family put soil into their garden which contained cocoa (cocoa shavings from chocolate production, I believe), and their dog ate it and died?

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    I have heard of that - don't know how much truth there is in it... But chocolate is toxic to dogs so I guess it would be possible...

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