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Thread: Dog-Friendly Car Suggestions

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    Hi everyone,

    I am new here and wanted to know your opinions on dog-friendly cars.

    We are after a second hand car to travel long distances with our large dog. We are thinking of either some sort of ute with a well ventilated canopy area for Murphy to travel in, or a SUV/wagon type car with a large boot area for her.

    She is still quite young and gets very excited in cars and needs her own area. We are thinking of doing a lot of traveling in the near future and want to make is as comfortable as possible for her.

    If anyone has first hand info or opinions on what type of car would best suit us we would love to know.

    Laura & Murphy.

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    I have a wagon - specifically for dogs to ride in the back - as it is - doof sits on the back seat and the luggage goes in the back - but he is very quiet. A wagon with a luggage barrier that has a couple of crate fans attached to it for the hot weather would be ideal

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    If you are travelling in summer or in the tropics, you will need an airconditioned space for your dog - all day at 70'C in the sun is no good for people or dogs. Unless you plan to travel at night time?

    I have a landcruiser - plenty of room for everything, dog travels on back seat strapped in with a harness but she could travel in the back behind the luggage barrier. Well she objects to that but is happy on the back seat and it's easier to secure the luggage behind the barrier.

    I used to have a magna station wagon - also plenty of room for everything. Dogs tended to travel on the back seat, which I covered with sheets or throw rugs or whatever.

    I think it is possible to get a climate controlled tray top made but I think it may be easier to get a station wagon or twin cab.

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    I have a subura outback wagon and travel alot with my two greyhounds and they love it. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    I have a Territory and a Focus and my Westie prefers the Focus as he can see more due to the lower door height and the easy access in and out of the car. The Territory is a foot higher off the ground and more of an effort. This may change when he gets older as he is still a puppy.

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