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Thread: Update on Vet Ethics

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    Default Update on Vet Ethics

    When I asked for my darling to be weighed this morning before surgery (and to clarify the dosage I am administering at home) I was told she had been weighed, then reception said "it says here 11kg"~ obviously she is not! I responded and INSISTED that she be weighed.

    Reception then stated the home dosage was correct for her weight~ thank you, so glad I can do your job for you~ by the way, are you a vet?

    I then asked, again (second time in one week) for her name to be changed on the medical records~ her name is not Pusp.

    There appears to be a lack of administration policy to check intake procedures and typos; and an emphasis on allowing personal impressions about the owner guide treatment standards (negligence and incompetence).

    You don't have to like me~ just live your passion~ animal welfare and care...

    Autistic spectrum does not equal non-person.

    I have lodged a complaint with the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland, Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland
    and of course, we will find a more ethical surgery.

    Any other suggestions~ I had to leave my darling there because the haematoma is causing such pain; I went back there as I was keeping an open mind about them. Now I have spent the day stressing because I do not trust them. I will never return to this surgery or recommend them. I have typed a letter to the vet letting her know my complaint and lodgment with the vsb.


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    I wouldn't give the Vet the letter of complaint just yet! Get your little darling home first and then send the letter. You are not telling us what was the actual weight if she is not 11kg?

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    Default Mimi1

    Yes~ I pick her up this afternoon and hand over the letter at the same time. I need closure today.

    She is 23.95 kg, 10 years old red cattle cross staffy

    If the weight on the chart was used to determine dosage she would be overdosed at 1.75ml if she was 11kg; the medication is 1ml/15 kg.

    I can accept a typo~ but the accumulation of typos and lack of respect for myself or in cultivating my trust has me concluding that they are unprofessional and meet my definition of evil: ego before welfare of others (animals included).

    They live a playschool~ not professional care roles.
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    I think when one is not happy with the treatment ( within reason of course) one receives from their Vet then most certainly write a letter of complaint to the Surgery itself and also the Vetinaray Board .

    Nothing can improve if everyone just says oh well,just goto another vet. I like your statement very much - You dont need to like me - but you need to your job.
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    Default ChoppaChop

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Letters give me the opportunity to focus on the issue/behaviour and not the person~

    There must of been something in the way I said what I did this morning, because when I arrived for pick up I was treated very very well. And it felt sincere. However, given the previous situation I feel more comfortable moving on.

    I did not hand over the letter today~ I will re-write it.

    As you say Choppachop they need to know I was not happy and I think they also need to know that a formal complaint has been lodged. Given that they [appear to] have changed their attitude though, I will respect their reconsideration of the situation; this is a behaviour that I think they should be encouraged to practice.

    I was taught that I can create the world I want to live in if I dare to live it each day. When I let my personal opinions come before the respect of dignity of others I enable a worldview that neglects, abuses or dumps animals as well as humans.

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    I've had this kinda mistake happen as well and not just with the vets but the specialist and had to make sure they had details correct and what not. It's frustrating but sometimes things just don't change and you have to keep on at them.

    I told my specialist for Tilly that our vet never got his info that he needed and he's like but I sent it by email! he then checked the email and told me it hadn't even been checked yet >> lol so anyways sometimes its miss comunication, on their part and sometimes its just laziness or them being too busy to fit everything in.

    Just note things down for yourself as a record and when you go in just ask for them to make sure things are right.

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    Default Nessie

    Thank you Nessie for your perspective~ I will take on board to write things down and another suggested that I take in a list to keep me focused on the issues of concern to me.

    This would help because I am a "slow" thinker~ I spend my time transfering images to words to Communicate, sometimes the "fast" aren't interested in communication, they just want to be "top dog" because they feel another is threatening in some way. Hence my and my darling's experience.

    I was once told by a young man that my language is the most difficult he had ever tried to learn; ditto all this English, German, American lingo. I really think my language is not the "lazy" one. But then aspies tend to be egocentric :-)

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    No offence, but your need to always remind us of your autism speaks volumes. I am often told that I am on the spectrum. I would think if I was, it is the far outer edges. We get it. You are autistic. You miss certain social skills. You might be often understood.

    That doesn't mean that everyone else is doing the wrong thing though.

    In my view, you are blowing this out of proportion. You are assuming that everything must be an exact science. As you are austistic, that might understandable. However, your dog was not in danger. Your dog was treated accordingly. It may have not been what you expected, you see black and white only.

    At the risk of sounding cavalier and uncaring, I think you should just chill out.
    A pessimist sees the glass as half empty;
    An optimist sees the glass as half full;
    A realist just finishes the damn thing and refills it.

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    Default Anne

    Thank you for your feedback.

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    please stop using Autism as a weapon - they aren't nasty to you because you are autistic - they are nasty because they are - simple. If you are unsastified, go elsewhere.

    You suggest that you have aspegers - well then - as an aspergers person, you would know that you have trouble reading signs and perhaps this is not entirely the doing of the vet clinic, perhaps you are misreading some of what is going on. Most of the asperger's kids I have taught do not go on about their condition however, they are too busy struggling to survive in a world not made for them.

    No sympathy here - plenty of empathy - but I loathe people using a disability/condition to try and make it someone elses fault.

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