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Thread: Update on Vet Ethics

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    Default Occy

    Thank you for your feedback.

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    Its a shame that you have to leave your vet because of admin issues. I've had things that I've not been happy with in the past, like seeing a different vet each time I go with Gizmo. But just by bringing it to there attention, they addressed the issue and I get to stay with a vet I have built a certain trust with over time.

    I'm not saying you should stay if you are unhappy, but maybe just talk to your vet, I'm sure they wouldn't want to lose you just because they have typed something wrong.

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    Default Benny07

    Thanks for your perspective Bennyo7~ A typo, of course, no biggy~ it is was the attitudes that disappointed me. I found most of the staff defensive during my visits.

    My darling was not weighed and then prescribed a medication dependant on her weight~ when I asked if she could be weighed before surgery, I was still told, "she has been" and then much talking loud and fast. Just weigh her~ why become defensive...?

    Perhaps I was not polite, methought I was~ "Could you weigh her while I'm here?" in a tone that was aimed not to condescend. "Could you correct the typo of her name~ we love the Hindi meaning tho". "What is option B?" "Have I not been cleaning her ears frequently or deep enough?"

    The impression I had was that they were not happy with the relationship I have with my dog, so I was judged to be a "bad" owner, and that the words coming out of my mouth were then filtered as me firing arrows in return.

    I have taken onboard the possibility that my relationship with my dogs could be improved~ I'm here, and reading and watching vids and actively applying suggestions. What have I discovered so far~ my dogs don't entirely trust me as alpha, as I am unpredictable and easy to distract.

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