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Thread: Doggie Smells in the House......

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    Default Doggie Smells in the House......

    Hello everyone

    I am wondering if anyone has any tips for dealing with doggy odours. Its now coming into spring and my house is starting to have a bit of a doggy smell, nothing over the top. My darling partner thinks the problem is all mine - he believes I can smell a doggie poo at 100m

    I wash the mats on the floor and change the throws on the couch every couple of weeks. I also don't let the dogs on the bed - they have their own beds. I have really only noticed the smell since my new rescue arrived. Mind you neither of the dogs are smelly....

    The house has been locked up a bit over winter. I clean the house regularly and plan on getting the carpets cleaned when the weather warms up a bit. I am also lucky in that I have a wonderful friend who cleans my house. I know I am spoilt!

    The dogs get a bath every 3 or so weeks. They are only little JRTx's and spend a bit of time in the house, although they get put outside when its a nice sunny day.

    I don't like those commercial sprays that you buy. I don't mind oil burners or incense but was wondering if anyone has any tips for this problem. I am sure it is something we all face at one time or another...particularly after its been raining

    Or am I just a fussy nutter

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    no! you are not a fussy nutter! i am the same with my rescue too... i wouldn't be without our Millie dog now, but last week, the very first week of having her here, i was totally dismayed at the odour. i even asked the vet about how often i can wash Millie, as the smell was overpowering to me. the vet got down to doggy level and sniffed her all over, and told me Millie did not have a strong odour at all. my husband tells me i have a sense of smell that would qualify as a Super power! lol..

    i am vacuuming more often, and in just over a week have totally washed her bedding twice. luckily (!!) i have had to wash Millie dog twice a week with medicated shampoo for her rash, or i would not be surviving at all. my husband brought home a couple of airwick air fresheners, and i use glen 20, and another spray air freshener as well.

    i am hoping i get used to it, but i too would like any hints and tips anyone could offer as well.

    i wonder if. just a thought that struck me.. you say it is the rescue that smells? mine also is a rescue.. do dogs give out more odour when stressed or anxious?

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    What helped me was getting rid of the carpets in the living areas. It has made life way more breezy.

    Before that I was calling in the cleaners every couple of months and using powders every time I vacuumed.

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    if only it were that easy here..

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    Im kinda weird cause i actually really like that doggy smell!

    My 'post secret' (Anyone ever seen that website) When we were kids and used to visit my Pop, his car always smelt like dogs, as he would take the dogs down to the park everyday in the car, and his dogs slept on his bed always too. My sisters always complained that they hated going to stay with my Poppy cause his house and car stank like dog, I never complained, but never confessed to my sisters that i actually LOVED that smell!

    I suppose it just dont notice in my home as it does not bother me, but i do hope other people dont think my house is 'smelly' I will have to ask my sis next time she comes over, but then again every time she is over Leo tends to get so excited to see her then lets of a 'stinker' in all his excitment, she calls Leo Smelly dog anyway! LOL (A nasty play on me calling Leo superdog, ahh sisters, what to do without them )

    Sorry not much help, just really

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    Yeah pulling up the carpets is not an option for me. What powder do you use on the carpet....that might be the way to go in between carpet cleaning.

    Zen - you might be on to something with the stress of a new rescue. Penny has settled in really well but I am sure that she still does get a big stressed. Particularly with Ollie nipping at her constantly...she is learning to give as good as she gets.....

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    I'm another with a super sensitive sense of smell. In fact I was well into my twenties before I realised not everyone could smell emotions on humans and animals as I can. I could still walk blindfolded into a party and tell you who fancied who based on smell or into a hospital ward and smell the change in odor when a person is going to die.

    Having said this I argue that a clean healthy dog should not smell unpleasant. It won't smell like a clean baby or a human straight out of the shower. It will smell like a dog. Not an offensive smell but different to human body odor.

    If a dog stinks there is something wrong. It might have nothing to do with the coat, although many skin conditions give off an unpleasant mousey, musty smell. Check the teeth. Smell his breath. Bad breath can be related to internal problems so even if the teeth seem fine stinky breath should be checked out by the Vet. Sometimes long coated dogs get a small bit of poo stuck to their coat. Also check the anal sacs. Certain foods will also make dogs and people smell strongly.

    Yes, Zen. Stressed humans and animals give off quite a distinctive smell. I noticed this when I worked in welfare, expecially on euthanasia day.

    Different smells are offensive to different people. Personally I can't walk though the perfume section of a big department store without feeling lightheaded and ill. To me multiple over powering perfumes stink.

    Kid's school bags stink. Why do they always smell of rotten bananas?

    If I were you I would go for oil burners. You can change the scent to suit your mood and most are fairly unobtrusive.

    Sorry for the long waffle. Hope one or two words may help.

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    Thanks Deerhound.

    I have checked out the dogs and they do not smell all that bad...they smell like a couple of dogs that had their bath a week ago! They are both a bit itchy at the moment but that has only happened since they went to the dog groomers. I have started using an Oatmeal shampoo and that seems to help that.

    The house doesnt stink as such, it just smells a bit doggy. Have oil burners so might give that a go as well as perhaps a carpet powder.

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    Someone has suggested sprinkling carb-soda on the carpet before vacuum...has any one had any success with this?

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    Having 9 dogs running around the house, I had all carpets removed, except for the spare bedroom where they are not allowed. The vinyl is so easy to keep clean and I have had visitors state that they were surprised there were no doggy odours. I always use oil burners tho, mainly because I love them.
    The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.

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