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Thread: Vet Ethics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paw-Sha View Post
    Wow, doesn't sound like a good practice to me.....I would change vets or call them and explain your dissapointment in the way they handle the situation. This kind of misconduct may be from a number of reasons....but it does sound like they were in a hurry to see the next patient. Having said that thought, I don't think it was unethical....just a bit rude in trying to hurry the situation along. I wish vets would spend that little extra time with our beloved pets and realise that they are part of our family and need just as much time as we do when we go to the doctors, if not more....beacuse our animals can not speak! Good luck, and hope your darling is feeling more comfortable soon!
    Paw-Sha~ thank you for your feedback. I will highlight my dissatisfaction tomorrow about the non-weighing. On the phone I did ask that my darling's name be spelt correctly; Pusp may be Hindi for flower but methinks the typo could put my darling at risk if the wrong details are assigned to her. Again, an indication of not being client-focused.

    For now, the current vet is what I have. Meanwhile I will train my dogs to be comfortable in a bike trailer as well as put money aside to hire a car for the day to transport them to and from a vet when necessary.

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    Default Hyacinth

    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    I like to make written lists before I go to a vet or my own doctor - because I get frazzled by the whole process and forget to ask the right questions or what to do when I get home. I also write instructions and questions down while I'm in with the vet - otherwise I forget and the instructions they give me afterwards never seem to be as clear as the ones I didn't write down.

    Do try a different vet practice - ask other dog owners you know and respect for who they like and why. If you don't know any other dog owners well enough - ask the people that run your local obedience dog club or breed club for recommendations. You need to find a vet that makes sense to you and listens to your concerns and addresses them, one at a time, with facts. This is easier to do if you have a list. If this means ringing back later with your list in front of you - do that.

    Yes~ I will source another vet and take your suggestions on board in locating one; meanwhile surgery tomorrow with the current vet.

    My puppy dog has a cut on her ankle - which my vet recommended cleaning with tap water - and not to worry about antiseptic. For my horse - I had a purple spray - which helped keep the germs at bay, but dog spit is pretty good not that your dog is going to be able to lick her ear. I also put aloe vera on cuts - because it helps with healing, and tastes horrible. Honey is also supposed to be antiseptic but can cause other problems (like attracting insects or dirt sticking). Covering up the wound can cause problems - like preventing it from drying out and encouraging infection. A wound that is covered really needs to be dosed heavily with antibiotic and sealed. Something I'd consider for a deep surgery but not a skin wound, and then I'd confine the dog in a clean cage too. However I am not a professional when it comes to preventing infections.

    I took the bandage off after two days because it was filthy. I made a compress of comfy which lasted a few hours on her :-) I have tried to re bandage to keep the ear immobile to prevent further vascular trauma~ she is persistent in their removal.

    On the weight dosage thing - I suspect as long as the dose per weight is close, ie the weight is correctly estimated within say a 10% error range - that it would be ok, but if the error was more like 75% - then you'd be in trouble eg if the dose was for 30kg and the dog was 28kg = not matter much. But if the dose was for 25kg and the dog was 5kg (eg maltese), = bad. Does that make sense? Most medications I've seen have weight ranges of about 5kg eg 15-20kg = dosage x, 20 to 25kg = dosage y. And it's a bit hard if your dog is on the border line eg mine is 19 -21kg at the moment, so not sure what flea killer dose to give her but happy to go with the extra strength one for bigger dog since she is still growing.

    I will ensure she is weighed tomorrow before surgery~ there is not a lot of room for error with the medication at home btw ~ 1ml/15 kg

    If you are still really worried about it - phone the vet back and ask (along with all the other questions you need answered). If the vet is busy, ask the person who answers the phone to find out the answers for you or get the vet to call you back.
    I spent time on the phone with reception to have my dog's name spelt correctly; to book a day when surgery can be in the morning so she can recover while dopey and I can pick her up the same day and not have to leave her there overnight; to ask if water is ok before surgery and if I am not to give her the NSAID and anti-biotic before surgery.

    Thank you for your detailed feedback and suggestions~ lists, yes, these are friends of mine I should have relied on one the first time :-))

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    Default Mimi1

    Quote Originally Posted by Mimi1 View Post
    Like with any human doctor, you make your own research re. medications prescribed and use your common sense. If I had listened to my new vet (now no longer my vet), Mimi would have probably been full of problems... I was given (paid for) tablets for a rash (he didn't know what caused it) but that according to him, they are the ones doctors prescribe for ADHD in children. In his own words, "These tablets might make her hyperactive but could stop her itching". As you can see, nothing concrete out of him. No diagnosis, potential harmful medicine and the cost of the visit and tablets outrageous!! I went home and threw the tablets in the bin! Mimi was fine within two days without any intervention.
    It's the "common sense" that is not so common to moi :-)

    A friend was ropable about the mispelt name and said they were being rude [Pusp as in Pus]~ I could see her point in light of my experience at the vet that day, but at the end of the day, I see that name and think "flower" (Hindi), so if there was an intended arrow it bloomed around us :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozeymum View Post
    Hi there

    I think the vet just estimating your dogs weight is unprofessional....everytime I visit the vet with any of my pets...on arrival the receptionist/vet nurse always weighs the what my appointment is for.

    As for the booking for another appointment...the vet should have noted it on your file...then when paying for your bill, the person should have asked you about booking another appointment.

    This is just my opinion
    Thank you for your opinion~ yes, I feel it was unprofessional too. Tomorrow is surgery and I will ask for her to be weighed before I leave her there. I will also check that her name has been spelt correctly on the files.

    I too thought the appointment would be noted on the file, I agreed to it at least twice, and then she was on the computer typing in stuff. At reception to pay I was distracted because the "vibe" I was getting from the receptionist didn't match what she was she was saying, and she was jumping around all over the place verbally. I felt she was trying to intimidate me and cut her off a couple of times to remind her that the focus at this point in time was my darling~ not her ego.

    When I pick up my darling after surgery tomorrow I will be sure to ask if we are to make another appointment ourselves or is it policy that it would be noted on the file and a day that suits me asked for.

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