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Thread: My Dog - Please Look

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    I completely agree with what Obie said - it couldn't be any clearer. Please do your research and I hope you make the right choice for you and for your dog.

    One more thing .. please don't refer to your dog as "it". It can really infuriate a lot of people on the forums, including myself.

    Cheers and goodluck.
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    IMO he looks like an amstaff cross. Not knowing anything about his genetic background/hereditary diseases he may carry in his lines.. NO you should not breed from him.

    Also, blue should NEVER be bred to another blue The problem with breeding for colour is exactly that you are not breeding to produce good quality dogs you are breeding to produce COLOUR. Will these dogs being breed be health tested for L2 and HC before they produce a litter? Will the littler be regsitered with their states Kennel Club . Are both these dogs registered with their Kennel Club. Many breeders dont strive for the blue colour simply because it is a recessive colour & unless the blue colour is well defined it looks very washed out, not to mention the skin issues that can be associated with the blue gene. Blue is a dilution of black--it is about the nodules of colour intensity in the fibres.

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    I cannot imagine any reason why you would need to breed your dog, other than to make some money for youself.

    This is not ethical, and you might as well send 50% of the pups produced straight to a shelter because I can gaurentee thats where some will end up.

    Educate yourself on desexing and eliminating back yard breeders and become the solution not the problem.

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    I think it's all been said.

    The other thing you need to be aware of, with your handsome boy, is that if he is an unregistered Amstaff, he can technically be classed as an American Pitt Bull Terrier - APBT. These guys, like it or or (and you'll find most of us do not ) are usually subject to restrictions and regulations which vary according to where you live.

    If a Council Ranger IDs your dog as a potential APBT then it is usually up to you to prove otherwise or comply with strict control conditions.

    Another reason not to breed any more unregistered dogs that can be mistaken for APBTs, a massive amount of grief and trouble can be suffered by pet owners getting dragged into disputes with Councils over it all.

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    he is beautiful~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blu-Staff View Post
    Why must you always assume the worst, you automatically think you love your dog more then me,

    I wouldnt breed my boy if it was for what i thought was the wrong reasons.

    and the reason people join forums is so they can learn, all i wanted to know is what members though the breed of my dog is by looking at pictures

    can you please tell me what AMSTAFF is short for

    no need to be so rude
    OK , firstly as I have been absent of late I will firstly welcome and I'm pleased to see you have at least took the time to come here and ask important questions. Whether you actualy listen to the advice will be left to see I guess.
    A very dear friend and i have recently been discussing this topic , we are feeling very drained,very disheartened....and well...just plain pissed off.

    We both have been in the rescue game for quite some time now ( Bull breeds might I add) and it just feels like we are making no headway whatsoever.
    Not even a dent.

    When I first read this I immediately thought of those recent conversations and the heartaches we had both been through with different dogs and know what ? Stuff it! What bloody good will it do to offer you advice and help you onto the right path when the next ten will not listen and go on to breed yet more and more....Hell , how do I know you will listen ?
    Will you?

    So with that in mind if you can answer me some simple questions when it comes to this breed then perhaps I will have saved one more dog and 5 more lots of litters.

    But to be deadly honest I'm pretty doubtful.
    Starting with this first quoted post of yours as an example.
    You needed to ask what Amstaff stood for but you wanted to breed .
    *scratches head*
    Can you really not see the honest irony in that alone?

    By the looks of things you have a badly backyard bred American Staffordshire . One to me that looks to be have been bred for colour alone and even that didn't come out as hoped obviously.

    Are you aware of BSL ?
    Aware of your Council bylaws regarding Restricted Breeds ?
    Do you know what to do should a Ranger pull you up and accuse you of having a Restricted Breed ?
    Are you aware of your Rights ?
    Can you fund a very expensive court case should it come to that?
    Are you ready to comply with Restricted Breed Laws if you lose ?

    And thats just a start.
    Without papers an Amstaff is an APBT .

    Are you aware of the thousands of these dogs that lose their lives all over Australia everyday just because 'someone' thought it would be cool to breed some pups for some quick dollars?
    You need to be.
    You need to go right back to the beginning and research and read and watch and then do some more research,reading ,watching....then think long and hard about if you want to be one of those types of people.
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    dear oh dear....

    You dont have Reg papers for your dog so that means one of two things either A: its a cross bred dog or B: its from an unreg back yard breeder.
    Either way you cannot breed it...
    The mere fact that you have what equates to a pitbull is reason enough to get him desexed and keep a low profile....Rangers have bylaws that allow them to impound your dog if you cannot prove he is not a pitbull and the only thiing that can prove that is a set of ANKC reg papers...

    Please desex your dog and do the right thing for the breed...
    Good luck with him he is a cutie.

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    he coud be a cross bred American Staffordshire Terrier + pit bull
    i dont know my self be cluse im not a exberb

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    He is a cutie...are you sure he is not Pitbull X?

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    he looks like one of owe puppies from last year named midnight magic

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