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Thread: I Feel Like I've Run a Marathon!

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    Do dogs communicate between themselves? I am certain that my two are conspiring against me. I have hardly had any sleep last night because Mimi kept waking me up to take her dowstairs. Thinking that she needs to go to the toilet, I get off the bed to find Pepsi wagging her tail and circling with excitement at the door ready to pounce downstairs.
    Scratching my head as to why they would need to and what was it that I possibly fed them that would make them need to go out so often during the night, I stumbled down the stairs as fast as I could to let them out the door. While I stood in the cold being splattered by rain begging them to go out and be done with it, they looked at me wagging their tail and again Pepsi circling on the spot and Mimi thrusting her head towards the pantry cupboard. Now... did that make my blood boil!! FOOD????? In the middle of the night????
    Another question to ask myself... Could the new food (supercoat) be to blame? They are both well fed and should not be hungry. I worry that Pepsi teaches Mimi bad habits. She is a glutton and gets her to beg for food (even at the table), now wakes us during the night for food! How do I stop this from becoming a habit? They both sleep with us in the bedroom. Mimi on our bed and Pepsi in her basket on the floor besides the bed

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    LOL, funny story.....I have had the same problem with Paw-Sha a few nights here and there. I have been up with her three or four times in a night once. I was not a happy camper. And when I took her out, she didn't "do" anything.
    I never give in to her wanting food in the middle of the night, if I did I am positive she would wake me up more frequently.
    I feed Paw-Sha twice a day (mixture of Supercoat and a home made mix of mince, vegies and pasta) once at 6:30am and again at 6:30pm, about a cup each feed. She usually goes and does her business staight after she eats and then she is allowed back inside. I make sure she is taken out again just before I go to bed approx 10:30-11:00pm, or if she needs to go out before then.
    Paw-Sha will only wake ME up, never my BF, she will come and rest her head on me and If I don't move, she will paw me in the head and whine. It is cute but I never encourage it.
    The only reason I will get up if she wakes me is that there was once I heard her wake me and I didn't get up and there was a big accident in the study when I got up! I felt so bad that I didn't listen to her.
    I just think of it like....If a baby was crying the middle of the night you would get up and deal with it....having a dog inside at night is not much different.
    My advice is to be consistant, and have a routine.
    Have the last feed early...about 5:30-6:30pm so it give them pleanty of time to digest there food and do there business before bed time.
    If Supercoat is the new food of choice, or any new food for that matter, It would be new to the digestive system of the dog, so there is a possiblity that the new food is making them "go" a little more frequently.....but they WILL get used to it in a few days!
    I think perhaps your dogs are testing you out! Seeing what they can get away with.
    They don't conspire though. LOL. Good luck!

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    Just ask yourself "Who's running this rock show ?" and you'll probably find ..... it's not you at the moment. Time to reposition yourself as "Alpha". No dog/s on the bed & if they are going to be problem when you're in bed & supposed to be sleeping, not in the bedroom at all until they learn their place. If weeing in the middle of the night is going to be a problem, remove food & water resources after their evening meal. They might "up the price of poker" for a while, but don't give in. Good luck & hopefully you'll get a good night's sleep tonight without the middle of the night antics.

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    Thanks Paw-Sha and GSDs4Ever for your advice. Although my initial thought was the change of diet, it seems to me (by the wagging of tails and "skipping" all the way to the pantry door, that it is just wanting treats!!! AND I AM SURE OF IT, it is Pepsi who encourages Mimi in this behaviour. I too get up because of fear of accidents. Getting into the habit of responding to their calls at that time of night is my biggest worry.
    GSDs4Ever - I realize I need to be firm with them - but I am such a weakling when it comes to disciplining them! The thing is that they are both quite well mannered otherwise
    I'll just have to say NOT tonight Josephine
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mimi1 View Post
    GSDs4Ever - I realize I need to be firm with them - but I am such a weakling when it comes to disciplining them! The thing is that they are both quite well mannered otherwise
    I'll just have to say NOT tonight Josephine
    Oh well, it's up to you Lovey. Just remember .... if you're not Alpha, they'll feel the need to take over & will make up the "rules" to suit themselves ... and you might not like the rules the dogs set.

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