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Thread: The Lady Incident *sigh*

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    Default The Lady Incident *sigh*

    Someone here has posted about a Pit Bull needing a new home.
    I dont know if I have told this forum but I have been very interested in a Pit Bull for quite some time.

    My thing is, some of you may remember Lady's incident with another dog
    Read that if your not up too date.

    I DO NOT want to bring this dog home, if Im going to have troubles. I dont want to ad to the breeds bad reputation because of Lady.
    She never had troubles with Roly, but maybe thats cause he was there before her.
    We havent had any situations since that last one either. She's back to her normal self. My trainer said she's a dog, no dog is perfect, and you cant train a dog to be 100% reliable in EVERY situation. Im trusting her.
    I really will accept any opinions or suggestions.
    Roly is 11 now, and is really getting on, but I want whats best for this dog. Not me.
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    The thing you can do is introducing dogs on neutral ground with loose leash or no leash at all. After the first introduction, start meeting frequently and one day calmly walk over to your home as if it's perfectly normal. You have to be relaxed and act as if all this is normal.

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    I'm no expert, but one incident determine if your dog is DA, it could have felt threatened etc etc. Unfortnatley, you would want rolly going against a larger dog like a APBT.
    You would really need to see how they get along together with lots of meets and greets.

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