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Have you talked to your vet about finding a temporary or permanent home for your dogs. One of my vets frequently places animals for his customers with other customers that have room for another pet (or have just lost their own).

The idea of a foster home or kennel for a year seems like a good one in conjunction with making sure that it is possible for the foster home or kennel to find a permanent place for your dogs if you really love China (what freaks out one person, another may love, plus China is a huge place - lots of variety). Your local rescue places may know of long term boarding options.

If you go through your vet or AWL or RSPCA - you are more likely to find a well run kennel or home for your dogs. There is also a cattle dog rescue website and a special organisation for placing greyhounds - both of these might have ideas that could help and might even be able to find somewhere for both of your dogs. Couldn't hurt to ask anyway.
The Greyhound Adoption Program of Queensland
Australian Cattle Dog Rescue