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    Now this folks is so bloody ridiculous, bloody idiot council rangers, what a pair of stupid dumb arse employees, wonder what type of animal identification training they had, (cereal box animal id card comes to mind )

    OMG if i was the dog owner i would do as this dog owner did, go on public tv & make complete bloody idiots out those 2 council rangers

    Video | ninemsn news

    aww i so want the ladies business contacts, i want one of her Stafford statues
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    Dear oh dear....

    Egg on face anyone??

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    Hahahaha someone must be blind. and dumb to think those dogs wouldn't move an inch if someone's at the door hahaha

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    They are private contractors. Don't know where the council dug them up from but this isn't the first mistake they have made.

    One family have two indoor cats but have an outdoor play area for them. The idiot inspectors saw cat toys in the enclosure and insisted the family were keeping an unregistered dog. It took ages to sort that one out. No cat registration up here.

    Another family received a notice and the only pet they have is a bird. Apparently the bird doesn't bark or even talk so that is another mystery.

    Although I had registered my dogs I recieved a notice saying no dog was registered to this property but they could hear one barking inside (Kenna Sheltie of course). My neighbours who hadn't got around to registering their RSPCA rescue pup didn't receive a notice.

    Nothing these morons do would surprise me.

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